The Belize Team Is Working Hard On Their Project

The first week here has been great! The team is working hard and having fun. Wednesday, we had our first taste of Belize weather (RAIN!) and lots of it., but that didn’t stop these kids—they are hard at work!
The work project is going well. We got one sidewalk laid yesterday and we are laying another one today (if the rain let’s up).
Faith H. say’s that she really enjoys using the pick axes and it has taught her that every swing comes from God and not her own strength. Without His help she would not be able to do it.
Arianna R. – One of the cool things we are doing in Belize is putting in sidewalks. We are also making Plantain chips for lunch. They grow on the base, so are do bananas. We are having lots of fun and working together at this missionary base. I also am starting to get closer to God , the more I read His Word and pray.
Joshua B. – Here in Belize we do a lot of cool things! My team and I laid a whole sidewalk in one day! Then later we ate really cool fruit called Kinaps. I learned a lot here at the Missionary Base. Even though I’ve only been here a little while, I’ve learned to be more responsible , to try different foods and to respect people more. Even though I miss hoem, I have to remember that I’am serving The Lord.


  1. Looks like you guys are doing a great job!! Love you Samuel C… keep up the good work!

  2. Praying for you all. Especially a special young man from our church, Sam C!

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