The Russia Boot Camp Is Winding Down

Russia 7:17-14 Russia 7:17-19

Cold, rainy, windy weather has hampered the work of weeding and also the work on the Preteen rally platform. Yesterday (7/17), however, the sun returned and work began again – – – and the team got some laundry washed and dried. There remain only two days of the Russian Boot Camp – then project time. The team has continued bonding with the Russian youth, building life-long relationships with them. Since the team is eating with the Russians, they have also had the opportunity to try Borscht, which most have been wanting to try.

Madison Bobb – Our time in Russia has been amazing! The Russian girls here have given some of us girls gifts like earrings and necklaces. To return the gift, we give them Wordless bracelets or a stick of gum. The past three days have been really cold, like in the 40s (F). And a lot of us have gotten colds. I have completely lost my voice! At the Russian Boot Camp they have a lot of coats for us to use. Sammy, Mallory, Rachel, Daniel and I have all used them. They are so warm! Sometimes we even use them as blankets! Most of the last two or three days have been spent inside on account of all the rain—a big change from sunny Florida!

Daniel Chicas – After the airport ,we had a four-hour bus ride to get to the TMR base which was pretty cold and had some really big mosquitoes. The next day we started setting up the O.C.and had the Wall up in about an hour. We got to have tea time which is new to most of us, but by now we’re used to it and it’s good for the cold. Later we started pulling weeds and the weather got really hot in the afternoon and cold at night. We got to meet Russian kids going through Boot Camp like we did and are making lots of friends. Our current project is a platform for a building and still lots of weeds to pull. The weather turned back to being cold all the time which is a little hard for us from warmer places, but we’re still trying to stay united as a team through all of this.


  1. We will keep praying for health and unity of team Russia and that. Sounds like good work you are contributing. We love to hear news from the team. Please know you all are being prayed for from Canada!

  2. Love getting these reports. The detailed descriptions from the kids is especially interesting. We didn’t have reports like this during my summers with TMI. Looking forward to reading more in the next few weeks!

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