Uganda Has Accomplished Much In Their First Week

We are coming to the end of our first week here in Koboko with no small progress accomplished! Praise God!
Every morning our friend the rooster, kindly wakes us up at 5:30 AM and the team members get right to work. We then feed the team a hearty breakfast, but never seem to be able to fill Peter Demos’s five stomaches.
The team members are working so hard and we have almost finished digging the four trenches and the huge hole (more like the Grand Canyon) which should be ready for concrete in the morning.This septic tank project is really moving along. The team members have great attitudes and enjoy working with the local BMW (Bible Missionary & Work) students.
Classes are going well. The team members seem to be really engaging and opening up in our first few lessons of G.G. classes (Grubby to Grace & God’s Gentlemen) on self acceptance and femininity with the girls and “manly hood” with the boys.
The team has been working on their presentation and will get a chance this Sunday to present it in a local church. We are looking forward to see how God uses our presentation to minister to the people. The team members are growing in the Lord and it’s fun for us to see their wonderful personalities working together. Every night we end our day with team devos lead by a different team member each night and Harmony Shropshire and Abby Ayers enjoy playing guitar for worship. God is really using our team here at the Koboko base and we are so thankful for this opportunity and happy to be here.
The time is going fast and we hope to get much accomplished before we go.
We appreciate your prayers. Everyone is healthy and no one has gone to the sick tent. We are so thankful for the good health. Many thanks for your prayers


  1. Is there a way we can see the presentations?

  2. It’s no surprise to read all this good news! Praise the Lord! I especially like the classes report, sounds so wonderful! Continuing to pray for this mission. <3

  3. I hope that everyone still stays healthy!

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