Vanuatu Is Completing Their Work Projects

Vanuatu 7:18-1 Vauatu 7:18-2
Well, it looks like this will be the last report from the field as we fly off of Pentecost this coming Monday. It’s hard to believe our time is almost up here, but it is encouraging to reflect back on how much we accomplished. We put the last wall tile on the Training Center today, and tomorrow will be filled with cleaning up the work area and carrying rocks up from the beach to spread around the building to reduce the mud buildup. Speaking of mud, we have had three straight days of rain which have unfortunately prevented us from pouring the slab at the Primary School as we had hoped. Depending on tomorrow, we may try one more time, but the chances seem slim. We hiked to the waterfall today to wash our clothes, which is the second time now that we have attempted it. It’s actually quite an ideal location for the task, and it makes laundry much more exciting. Our shipment of meat and other food items arrived the other night, and it was quite a spectacle to have the whole team lined up on the beach after dark to welcome the ship and help unload our goods. Our last couple days will be full of sightseeing, Joshua Stiffler and Korie Krake’s birthdays, a village supper put on for us by Waterfall Village, a farewell service at church, and packing out on Sunday. Everyone is looking forward to being home!

Ashley Bartel – My time in Vanuatu so far has been amazing! I’ve loved working at the Training Center and the Health Center, but my favorite part is on Sunday. Last Sunday we went to church at the Health Center and gave our presentation to the people there. It’s so much fun to see how the children respond to our songs and puppets. I have felt God in multiple ways this summer, but one instance that He’s really laying on my heart recently is my plans for next summer. Before we got here, I wasn’t really thinking about leading a team, but as time goes on, I feel like He might be calling me to go as an assistant leader. I’m anxious to get home and share about my summer, but I’m having a fantastic time here with this team

Hope Willeford – On this trip I have learned so much—not just about construction, but also myself. God has revealed to me part of my future. I know now I am definitely called to be a missionary, and that being a journalist will be handy. Being here has taught me how amazing God really is. You can’t help but love the people here, they are so sweet. I can’t wait to go home and share with everyone what God has taught me.

Allie Snyder – Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been on this amazing island for almost a month now! I see God working all around us everyday. I feel so blessed to be here; it is truly a miracle that I’m sittting here now. After my support came in, I felt truly ready to serve God with my all. I love seeing the progress we are making on the Training Center. I hope it will be a blessing to the people here. I’m hoping that the work we are doing will not only help these people, but will leave a lasting impression on us as a team.




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