Zambia Has Completed The Bridge!

Zambia 7:12-3Praise God, Team Zambia has completed their project! After weeks of moving dirt, rocks and concrete, the team has finished the bridge. We thank God for safety and strength throughout the entire project. Cambrie helped treat a national that swung an ax and lacerated his foot quite badly, but no injuries to our team members.

Wednesday, the team was able to minister to the local children as it was Motorcycle Sunday School Mission Day. Ethan was quite dramatic and the kids all loved him. Julie brought a good message that touched many hearts. Our team  is quite good at the puppet shows and dramas and they enjoy singing.
Wednesday evening, Wesley and Ethan built a huge bonfire for our last night at the Rescue Unit. We invited the four orphan boys and facilitators from the Unit for dinner and a birthday party in their honor. Ayla and Elizabeth enjoyed baking the cake in a tin box. We all enjoyed a time of reflecting on what each one was thankful for. We were all blessed and encouraged. We loved hearing from Ty, Laura, Lauren and Gwen, our quiet ones.
Today, the team found themselves up at 5 AM for early morning packing, breakfast and devos before heading back to Zambia’s base in Ndola. We arrived safely and are now looking forward to a time of rest but continued ministry. The team will shopping and then ministering at a local Rescue Unit on Friday and Saturday. Sunday we will be heading to Victoria Falls to visit.
The team is continuing to heal from the stubborn cold virus and hopefully will not contract it a second time as some have. Other than the cold, the team is well and excited to embark on the rest of their adventure.



  1. I would love to see a pic of the finished bridge!!!

  2. Any chance we could get a picture of the completed bridge? Would be great if we could.

  3. So wonderful to get this report. Praise the Lord for a completed project, and I expect that it was a job well done. Way to go Cambrie! Mr. Bob was hoping he wouldn’t have to do anything gory. I’m sure he was very happy to have your willingness to help the injured national. Thank you all for your faithfulness to see this project to completion. God’s blessings on you all.

  4. Exciting update…thank you for all your hard work. God bless you on your next adventures. Enjoy your last 13 days of travel this summer.

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