Arizona Continues To Leave Their Mark

AZ 7:18-1 AZ 7:18-2 AZ 7:18-3 AZ 7:18-4
Things are going great! Today, we did our presentation for VBS kids right here at El Natan, for about 50-60 kids of around Kindergarten age. Our team is doing great with their work projects. They are very close to finishing the mulching project on the side of the road. Yesterday they did an “emergency” mulching project to replace the mulch along the sidewalks and basketball courts that had washed away during a storm. We’ve had heavy thunderstorms almost every afternoon. The team has also helped around the camp, cleaning the bathrooms and cabins, in preparation for the Native Americans Family Camp, which begins tomorrow. This weekend we hope to hike to the top of Mount Eldon – the kids are very excited about that.
Hattie Staley – Our team is wonderful. We work together. I have watched and I think we have all moved in our Christian relationship big time. All of our attitudes have changed majorly. It was hard, yet different when we first started. Boot camp is a lot different than what you’re used to, but you just have to remember what you are doing right then. Just focus your mind on God and trust Him with all your heart.
Isabella Valldeperas – I am having an amazing time here in Arizona. Boot Camp was great for the team,they did great at least that’s what I say. The trip to Arizona was long, really long! But yet we got to MD (McDonald’s) and  the food was so YUMMMMYYY!  When we got to Arizona, it was about 2 or 3 o’clock. Right when we got here, we had to set up the BOYS tents but as a bonus GIRLS get to sleep on ….. the ….. BUS!! My favorite thing on the WHOLE team is FREE TIME because we get to play on the playground and we get the playground all to ourselves. I love it in Arizona. Bye!




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  1. susan sanderson

    Please say “Hello” to my nephew Elijah VanderZouwen. Looks like he’s working hard.
    Love, Aunt Sue

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