Honduras Is Determined To Finish Strong

Honduras 7:13-4
 We are happy to say that thing are progressing here in Honduras on our week of work. We have only two more days of work to get the trusses on the building and to attach the iron sheets. We are moving as quickly and safely as possible and really hope we can accomplish our goal. Everyone has been healthy and safe and enjoying a week of more complex work. I have noticed that your children enjoy responsibility… sounds strange doesn’t it. I pray that they take everything that they have learned this summer and apply it to their life back home. That is the real challenge. Living for God during a summer trip has it’s challenges but it pales in compassion to the challenge of living for Christ at home. Pray for a deep desire to grow inside of your children to share Christ in all ways, everywhere! They need our prayers and help to keep focus on spiritual things and to remove that which is unholy from their lives.
Please pray that we will complete our work project and that we will finish strong and not look forward to what is to come but to focus on what God has us in now. This is the time when kids loose track and think about everything they are going to do when they get home; what food they are going to eat, what activities they are going to do, etc. God is not finished with them here. Your prayers have gotten us this far, please commit to finish strong with us by praying. May the Lord bless you.
Hannah Parnell — God has been teaching me an important lesson here in Honduras. In the beginning I had a bad attitude about everything and as a result, I didn’t have a good start to my summer. One day, my team and I went to a bi-lingual school to evangelize and I met a girl who had faith to move mountains for God. She told me that through all the problems and trials she has had in her life, she has learned to lean on God and “cast all her burdens on Him”. She showed me a verse in Philippians in chapter 4 verse 13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. This girl had practically nothing compared to us and through all she been through, she still leans on God. She inspired me to follow that verse and have faith that God will get me through. Ever since, I have had a better attitude and have grown to love my team more and more. I know now that this trip is not for my own pleasure, but to glorify God.
Cheree Card — Being in Honduras, God has worked throughout our stay continuously. A time that sticks our to me was when we went to a high school with lots of teens. We prayed for at least one person to come up and accept Christ. Well when we called for people to accept Christ, one girl had the courage to come up, despite everyone around her. It encouraged me to make more of a stand for my faith and not let others influence me.
Megan Shy’Anne Brunner — Before I came here, I was ungrateful for the things I had, but now I’ll be thankful for sure! It has it’s ups and downs, you just have to be positive about things and God will help you through it. Like the Bible verse that goes, “God wont put anything on your shoulders you can’t handle”; I’ve used that verse as a crutch! During my time here, I feel like I’ve been drawing nearer to God! When something happens, I always remind myself that everything happens for a reason and that this is God’s will not mine! So when things get tough, just pray and think about God! “May He be pleased by all these thoughts about Him for He is the source of all my joy!” Psalm 104:34. It’s so amazing how many lives we changed, over just us sacrificing our summer!
Izak Czaja— So while in Honduras, I have learned some new things about me; that I am not a morning person and that you should know something about soccer, because the last time I played soccer was when I was in preschool, But that didn’t stop me from sharing the Gospel. Final thing I am going to say is if you’re shy or have a bad stuttering problem, if you are scarred someone is going to make fun of you, you shouldn’t think that way because you will miss a better way to show God’s Word.
William Blackham— Dear Mom, Wow, I miss you more then anything right now! But despite the prolonged homesickness, I can earnestly say I am where God has intended me to be. Early on in Boot Camp, I wrote you a letter saying how bad everything was. I had a very negative outlook on the trip and life in general. I was even planning on running away to get out of this trip. With Dad passing away last August, going on a trip to Honduras seemed anything but helpful. I can’t even explain how wrong I was. You see, God had a plan for me and knew I needed this trip more than anything. At this particular point in my life, His timing was perfect, it always is. I don’t think I will ever be the same after what I’ve experienced here. It’s like God opened my spiritual eyes. I’m learning to trust Him in all things, no matter what the cost. I’m running after Him until the day I’ll meet Him face to face.





  1. When does the Honduras team fly back to the US?

  2. Teresa Erickson

    I love reading your updates and hearing how God is working. He is working in each one of you and through each one of you. My prayer for each of you that you will allow the good work which has been started in each of you to continue to grow through the grace and knowledge of our Lord when you return.

  3. How sweet. My heart overflows with tears of joy as I read these young people’s heart felt words. My prayer for each of them is that they will find eager adult Christians to give them the support they need in their daily lives to continue their commitment to their faith.

  4. Jennifer Kimbrell

    Oh, my, precious testimonies! Thank you for sharing your hearts with us. We continue to pray for all of your for your safety, your ministry, and your walk with the Lord.

  5. Dorothea Harrison

    Praying, praying, praying. Have been and will continue. Finish strong, He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it. He is your strength and will give you the needed focus for each task each day.

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