Ireland Is Determined To Finish Strong

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Yesterday the team poured 6 1/2 yards of concrete and have now completed the footer for the future gazebo that will grace the grounds at Ireland Outreach. They were dirty and dusty and smiling from ear to ear seeing a completed project that was the result of hard work on their part. Tomorrow will be their last day of “work”. ¬†Saturday we will spend in Dublin doing evangelism and sightseeing and Sunday, we will be off to Belfast to start our next project.

A poem from Eliza Merritt…

To go or not to go was once the very question.
But in God’s will it wasn’t simply a suggestion.
To each and everyone of us he said, “Go the time is now.
For my field is softening and it’s ready for your plow.”
“Boot Camp will be easy” is what we once had thought.
But when arriving in Florida that opinion was quickly shot.
The bugs, the blisters, then finally commission
God sent us here for His very special mission.
The rolling hills and clear blue seas
The cobbled streets and waving trees.
Be ye not fooled for this place is seeped in dark.
They watch and wait for us to share the heavenly spark.
Though in leather is what we’re shod
We’re here for the people, we’re here for God!





  1. BEAUTIFUL poem, Eliza! Congrats all on a job well done! We will pray for your last Dublin day, travel, and the people in Belfast–that the Lord would also soften hard hearts there.

  2. Mahlon Earl, Johnston, IA U.S.A

    Wonderful pictures. The poem by Eliza is terrific!
    Have a great mission trip and much success, all of you.

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