The Scotland Team Is Winding Up Their Last Full Week

Scotland 7:19-3 Scotland 7:19-2 Scotlan 7:19-1

The week is nearly over and before long we will be headed back to Florida for Debrief and a little R&R. This week we started out by sharing in three different county fairs—two in Indiana and one in Kentucky. Our team was allowed the privilege of sharing the Gospel with hundreds more and leading a few teens and adults to the saving knowledge of Christ. On Thursday we began work again here at the TTT campus completing the spreading of mulch around the chapel we built and dedicated last week. We also began residing the three campus A-Frame dorms, which first required a large amount of additional brush clearing and clean up. We were successful on our first work day in replacing a door and frame and preparing the buildings with new plywood so that today we could start with the house wrap and siding. We anticipate that we will have the job completed by tomorrow morning. We are realizing how important the carpentry classes were that we had at Boot Camp as our skills with hammer and nail were put to the test. The weather has been oppressively hot as we work outside with temps remaining in the high 90’s, but despite that, we have had no sun-related illness—praise The Lord. Please pray for focus on our immediate tasks as we wind up our last full week on the field, and that our team will continue to mature in our walk with Christ. Also pray for us on Sunday as we plan to share in three different churches, that our witness would give glory to God.



  1. Pastor David Zimmermann

    Hey Scotland Team! I found the team report area a little late, but thanks so much for the posts regarding your progress. Flexibility is a major requirement for ministry. It turns out it was also a major part of your missions trip this summer. Great job being willing to redirect to an unexpected location for unexpected ministry opportunities. We are excited to hear more of your stories when you return. Let the opportunities and experiences of these last few weeks catalyze your spiritual growth in the months and years ahead. God isn’t done using your lives, this is only the beginning. Godspeed as you debrief and travel to your various homes. We’re looking forward to hearing from Jean here in Soda Springs, Idaho. Blessings.

  2. We will continue to pray for the Lord’s work to be done through each member of the team. It is a blessing to hear of those who have heard the Gospel and those who have come to faith.

  3. Cynthia Slaughter

    Hope your last few days are awesome and you have a safe trip home. Can’t wait to hear all your amazing stories!!

  4. Yeah love the pictures and the update. thank you for all your updates. we are praying that your last 12 days go smoothly and are productive. love and miss you very much

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