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Belize 7:20-1 Belize 7:20-2 Belize 7:20-3 Belize 7:20-4

Sunday morning we all went to church in Orange Walk. The team did a nice presentation, including a few songs. Then we headed to a restaurant for lunch. It would appear the entire team had not eaten for many days. At least that would be the assumption based on the amount they ate for lunch.

I will just mention one team member as an example, but trust me when I say they all did likewise. Here is the meal: two double beef burgers with fries, one order of sweet and sour chicken, three large cokes, two fruit slushes, and two milkshakes. Did I mention these kids are 9-12 years old?

After lunch they went door-to-door (in the rain) inviting the children to attend the Five Day Club that they will be doing starting Monday.

With that completed, it’s back on the bus and on the way home to Honey Camp Lagoon. All day it rained, so the dirt road was extremely muddy for the trip back. Unfortunately, the bus hit an exceptionally muddy spot and got stuck. That’s OK—the team was game and readily jumped out to push the bus. It was too much for them and the driver had to hitch a ride back to town to get a chain. No problem—the kids decided to have a mud fight while waiting. All in all the kids thought getting stuck was great.

Finally made it home and asked “what’s for dinner?” Where do they put it all? Just another day in the life of a mission team that is made up of preteens.

Welcome to Belize!



  1. It is truly a Blessing to see how dedicated Team Belize is! So proud of all of you to see you working so hard for the Kingdom in my home country. Truly a privilege that Jordan was able to go visit where his father, grandmother and grandfather were born. God Bless you all and thank you for your hard work!

  2. Nice Job Belize Team. Keep on keeping on. Pray that 5 Day Club goes well.

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