The Malawi Team’s Eyes Have Been Opened

Malawi SBC 7:19

Greetings from the Chipoka Base! After six amazing days out at the Rescue Units, the Malawi team is back safe at the Teen Missions Base. THANK YOU to everyone that prayed for the truck! It ran smooth and we did not have any flat tires. Please pray for it as it moves to the North to pick up the early Boot Camp team.

During our time at the Boyle Family Unit, the team saw some new things that changed the way they look at life. A little girl came with swollen mouth. The outside of her little face had small scares from where the witch doctor had made cuts. Even though Malawi has many believers, there are still thousands held in captivity to witchcraft and idol worship. The team was able to pray for the little girl and gave the mom some money for transportation to the clinic which is about 40 minutes away by car. The team also saw their first cleft palate that had not been fixed. We had a good ministry at the Boyle Unit and the team enjoyed the mountains.

On Thursday we got into the truck and drove for 30 minutes to House of Joy, another Rescue Unit in Dedza. While we did not have as many people come, we did see a lot of different things including another cleft palate. However, this one was worse. The poor little girl’s teeth went all the way up her nose! I am hoping that a ministry will start doing cleft palate surgeries soon in Malawi! Since there were not as many kids at House of Joy, we were able to do balloon animals which is always a big hit!

The team had a wonderful time visiting the Rescue Units and being out in the villages. They handed out over 700 glasses and saw over 500 people for medical help. We also had the blessing of praying for each person that came for help. And during our team presentations, many gave their lives to the Lord! This morning on our way back, we got to stop at Dedza Pottery. It has a restaurant and a shop full of handmade pottery items. The team had a wonderful buffet lunch with Malawian food and some “American Food” —French fries and fried chicken!!

We are now back at the Chipoka base which is getting ready to have their Boot Camp. This is just the like the Boot Camp in the USA, except only for youth from Malawi. The team is going to help run Boot Camp. They will be teaching puppets, drama, music, monitor work time and helping judge the OC! They are all looking forward to having a part in preparing youth from Malawi to be missionaries in their own country. We will also still run a couple more medical clinics during the next two weeks.

I want to thank all of you parents for your prayers! Please pray for the team health. Some of the kids have not been able to shake colds. I am hoping that now we are in a little warmer weather, some of them will start to feel better. With all the traveling. some of them have some upset stomachs. They are sleeping in dorms tonight and we are letting them sleep in. I am hoping that after a good night’s rest, they will all be feeling 100%. However, even the ones with colds have not stopped them from wanting to help out and do ministry! I could not be more proud of them!




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  1. I’m so thankful for these updates! So encouraging to hear how the Lord in working in lives of our kids and those they are serving. We’ll continue to pray for the safety and health of the team and that God will work powerfully through you all.

    Sam Kim

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