And The Ants Go Marching One By One…

Hello from Koboko!
The Uganda team is doing well and excited to see what the Lord will do next. Let me give you a recap of what has happened the last few days.
Friday was the day to pour the concrete for the bottom of the septic tank itself. Pouring went well. There was no cement mixer so the pouring was done with a hoe and shovels. The best way we found to get the concrete into the 7 – 8 foot deep hole was to form a line and pass mortar pans all the way down into the hole. The trenches for the drain field are nearing completion. The trenches are dug three feet wide and 40 feet long and four-six feet deep. So you can imagine the effort that is required to dig these trenches. Lord willing, they will be completed by Tuesday.
Another small problem we have been having are the ants. Near the end of the work day Saturday, most of the team was working in the trenches (Holly and Abby Ayers were on K. P and Sydney Martin was in the prayer closet). Some of the diggers ran into a few ants. It didn’t seem like it would be a problem until the ants started moving across the digging site in a giant wave. We had to end work early because of them. But in about 30 minutes they were gone.
The buildings here are built in a U shape with a security fence across the open end. It makes for a very nice court yard in the middle.  (approximately 70 feet by 30 feet). We have to keep watch at night because occasionally at night, the ants will burrow into the center and overrun the place. This happened on Thursday evening. The BMW students that are with us were the first to notice and immediately drove them away with kerosene.
Saturday afternoon we took off and went to town. Koboko is only about 15 minutes away and offers just about any necessity. The girls had a great time purchasing Chatangies (wrap skirts) and some of the guys were able to find a machete to bargain for.
Sunday we all (except Kathy who stayed behind to prepare lunch) went to church for the first time since being in Africa. We all enjoyed the time worshiping with precious people from another culture. They also invited us to share with them some of the songs and puppets we had been working on. Crystal Kendal and Noah Warren shared their testimonies.
Today, wake up was at 6:10 and work started at 6:30. Trenches two and three were done on Saturday, so they began filling them with gravel for the drain field. We broke for breakfast and devotions. In the middle of devotions, it started to rain. But God was faithful. When it came time to work again, the rain had stopped. The same thing happened during library reading after lunch. It rained for about 10 minutes and then stopped. Thank you so much for all of your pryers.
By the end of this we hope to pour the top of the septic, have the trenches filled with gravel and the drain field pipe laid. Also please pray that we can get some of the classrooms finished with paster on the walls. The future plan is to make this into a Bible School
Life has been good on this side of the world and we are still enjoying our time in Africa. Thank you all so much for supporting and sending us to such a wonderful yet needy place.
Here is a word from a few of the team members:
Holly Kile – Life is good here in AFrica! We work more than we sleep, but our spirits are high and we are making memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you to everyone that made this trip possible!
Courtney Peterson – Africa is interesting to say the least. Everything is deadly Do not touch the animals/bugs!! The trip has been so memorable. I can’t seem to remember the memory verses though. God is everywhere here— the random rain showers to the sparkle in the children’s eyes. I love and miss everyone. 
Sydney Martin – Africa is beautiful and the people are so kind. The local women showed me how to do laundry the other day at the well and I felt so welcome. I really miss you Mom and Ddd and everyone else. Thank you for sending me here. This has changed my life






  1. We are so proud of you all! What a journey you are on (in more ways than one). Keep up the good work. Rachel, we love you and Nika misses you.

  2. Marcia said it so well! People from church who have gone on TMI mission trips say how there was no communication way back when they went, so the fact that we have the privilege to read these reports are real blessings! Miss you and love you, and look forward to your return, Emilie! 17 1/2 days! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the updates, and happy birthday to Caleb!

  4. Praying much for you all. Love these updates!

  5. Thank you so much for the news. Although I have great peace about my daughter being so far from home, these updates are a lifeline for me. We pray for you continually, knowing that our great God is in control. We love you, Sydney, and miss you very much.

  6. Way to go team Uganda – proud of you guys. The ants are annoyingly inspirational. Proverbs 6:6-8

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