And The Sidewalk Is Completed!

Good morning from Dominican Republic,

DR 7:16-2
Wow! It has already been two weeks that our team has been here and that is hard to believe that time is going by so fast. The kids have finished building the sidewalk and it looks amazing. They really worked together and worked very hard to get this project done. You might be asking so what are we doing now and that answer is we are painting the play ground that they have at the camp and the kids are really enjoying that. All the kids are doing an awesome job in their team presentations. On Saturday we did our team presentations for some of the orphans and because of the gospel being shared, we had seven kids that night that wanted to give their hearts to Jesus for the first time ever. Last Friday we all went to the beach and it was beautiful. The kids really enjoyed the time that we had spent at the beach. On Wednesday or Thursday we plan to take the kids so they can go souvenir shopping. I ask you to please pray for our team and to just keep the people who are from Dominican Republic in your hearts. Our kids are really seeing what it is like to have nothing and to still be happy because you have the love of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is really sunny today and there is a nice warm breeze that is blowing. We are all looking forward to see all of the projects get done before we head back to Teen Missions in Florida. I hope all of you have a wonderful day and keep on serving the Lord.




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