Australia Continues Their Adventure

Our spirits seem to be as changing as the weather here. Rainy one second, sunny the next. We all miss home and the conveniences we take for granted. Most of us are not used to working for days in a row, eight hours per day. Despite this, we have been encouraging each other to persevere and make the best of it. We were blessed to visit the Australia Zoo on Friday. We were able to pet a koala and feed kangaroos. Some of us were also able to feed elephants and some of us paid to hold a koala and get a picture with it. After spending half of the day at the zoo, we travelled to shops to buy some souvenirs for friends and family back home. I know most of us girls were a little too rushed and didn’t get as much shopping done as we had hoped we would. However, we plan to finish when we travel to the Great Barrier Reef this Sunday!
Apart from the Zoo, the team has been up to the same general things every day. They continue to fill in potholes in the morning, and a large chunk of the road has been completed. The difference in the road is obvious when we are driving over it. The team is also doing well with repainting some of the A-Frames. They finished laying sod and have moved onto laying conrete and contructing a small storage shed. They have been working hard and have accomplished much in the almost two weeks of being here. On Thursday seven team members (Lizzy Anderson, Hannah Jenkins, Emily Howe, Logan Purdom, Aaron Fields, Cameron Johnson, and Matthew SanMiguel) and myself went to a local skate park to share the gospel. We were met with dissapointment as there were very few teens, and most of the people in the surrounding area were families taking walks or playing games with each other. The team members did have a few conversations with others, but the people they talked to where not interested in learning more. Despite the dissapointment, the park was a nice experience as it was right next to the beach so we were able to look out over the ocean. The beach was more beautiful than any that we had ever seen in America (with the exception of Hawaii).
The team will continue with the work we have been doing but with excitement for the future because we leave for the Great Barrier Reef on Sunday! We will be there until Tuesday morning and some of us will either be snorkeling or scuba diving!
So since I have talked about all the teens a bunch, I will take a minute to talk about the leaders. Matt Hearn has been doing a fantastic time as our head leader. We are an inexperienced team (members and leaders alike), but Matt has held us together and encouraged us all to continue giving God our all through our work. He has a sense of humor that can sometimes be hard to interpret, but overall makes for a good time. He knows when our team needs discipline or when they need compassion. Lori Hearn has been a great head female leader to work with in the kitchen. She manages to rescue meals that have utterly failed (like our attempt at fried rice that ended up as a ball of mush). She is funny and understanding. She manages to take care of her kids, the team members, and us other leaders. Candace McNeal is a hoot in the kitchen. She makes us all laugh so much and helps the whole team feel better when we are down or discouraged. She is a great cook and even better at baking. The meals and desserts she has made have been delicious! Furthermore she has a passion for each of the team members. She wants the best for them and encourages them to grow stronger in all areas of life. Harrision Calvert has been an increadibl role model for the guys on our team to look up to. He is a strong Christian man and displays that in all areas of his life. He helps to discpline the team in a loving way. Furthermore he has a way of motivating them to work harder and give more than they thoguht they could. And I am just me. It would be to weird to write about myself on here.





  1. Somehow I missed this report up till yesterday, our Friday. I think with the similar titles, I overlooked it. We are still enjoying the reports very much. We sit down and read them as a family. Yesterday, we received our first letter from you! So sorry you lost some of your belongings from your bag in your traveling. Make sure you get someone to help you tie it up good on your way home, since you don’t want to loose your souvenirs while traveling. We are praying for protection, healthy and unity for your team! Make the most of this last week in Australia!

  2. So happy to see my Lizzy making r family proud we miss u and so blessed

  3. I love reading the updates and am so thankful for the work God is doing through each of you!!! I hope you all have an amazing time at Great Barrier Reef….soak in the beauty of all God’s creations!!! I could write a ton about Ashley Evans since she is too humble to do it herself. Suffice it to say, she is one of most amazing young women I have ever met…very caring, hardworking, with an incredible passion to serve. I’m thankful God blessed me with a daughter like her!!:). Continued hugs & prayers for the entire team!!!

  4. I am so glad to hear the Australia team is doing well. I knew it was going to be a shock to most of the teens, but I also know there will be some invaluable lessons learned. I am so happy to hear Candace has maintained her sense of humor – I am sure Jesus laughed a lot. I miss her and William and can’t wait to hear all the stories when they get back. Stay strong Team Australia!!!

  5. Thank you for your updates and your tidbits about the leaders. This is a very inspiring thing for parents to hear. It is important to know the type of individuals that are mentoring them. My daughter has been on several TMI teams (is now in leadership) and as a parent you look eagerly to see just these types of reports!

  6. Way to go to all the leaders, especially my brother Harrison! See you when you return. God Speed to all the members!!! Enjoy all that you do and have fun with it. You are doing God’s work and he loves that so be sure He gets the Glory. Have a great time at the Great Barrier Reef and always remember the awesomely great life God has given you here in the USA. In the Early 1980’s I was stationed in Panama and seen many go without daily. God has blessed and continues to bless each and everyone. I am proud of all of you.

  7. Thank you for the updates. I am very glad that everyone is experiencing Australia, that is encouraging. I’m sure the team enjoys it. Thats funny what you said about Pastor Matt because he probably would have said the same thing about his sense of humor. I couldn’t have picked a better group of people to take care of Cameron. Please let everyone know we are still praying for them here and we miss them. P.s. it may be weird to write about yourself, so have someone else say something about you, I would like to hear about you too!!!.

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