Haiti Has Captured Their Hearts

Haiti 7:22-3 Haiti 7:22-1

This week continues to be a highly productive week in the life of the Haiti team. We started the week out with a “Block Party”, as we moved over 1,000 eight-Inch blocks from inside the compound to various locations along the perimeter wall. With this complete, we helped take down the form work (324 12-ft poles and 48 pieces of plywood) from the slab pour for the second story of the orphanage. Once the forms were down, we became the “Haiti Pole-Vaulting” team as we stacked all the poles and carefully removed nails from them. With the form work removed and stacked, we returned to the block party and moved over 500 six-inch block onto the second story of the orphanage so that construction on the walls could begin. The team was very excited to find out that once the second story walls are completed and the roof added (most of which the missionary anticipates will happen within the next few months), the orphans can move in! How exciting it is to hear how the work that God has for us to do this summer is getting the “orphan move in date” that much closer!

Evening devotions have become a real highlight for the team. Every evening, after a hard day’s work and a wonderful dinner is consumed, we gather as a team inside “the living room” (the chapel inside of which we place our tents) to sing and have fellowship as a team. The team loves to sing and worship together, and while some are better at “making a joyful noise” than others, all eagerly participate. Then each night, one of the team members shares their testimony with the team. This time of sharing has really brought the team together as we learn so many things about each other, and how God has worked in such amazing ways in each of our lives.

Please pray for us as we have been asked to run the Sunday services next week. This involves teaching Sunday school, running the Sunday morning and Sunday evening services.  The team is really excited about this opportunity to sing, share testimonies and to preach. Please pray for us as we prayerfully prepare for this event!

Anna Heruth –  I’m so thankful for this opportunity God granted me to come to Haiti and be a part of Teen Missions for the summer. Haiti is such a beautiful country filled with such dedicated and hardworking people. The moment we crossed the border, I knew I was right where God wanted me to be and that I was beyond eager to see His plan unfold for our team. It’s crazy how God can comfort you and make you feel so content. There will be times during the day when we all are covered head to toe in mortar or mud and exhausted, but everyone’s still smiling and happy to have this opportunity to serve God wherever He needs us. My favorite part about being here is interacting with the Haitians, especially during the church services. It’s so cool to see God at work. We are people who come from two different countries, speak two different languages, and face very different obstacles in life, yet we have found common ground in God. All of the sudden, all the barriers that separate us melt away and we are one in the same, worshiping such a great and loving God. I’m also so thankful for my team and the people God’s brought into my life this summer. We’ve quickly become a family and support system for each other. We’ve got an opportunity to learn more about each other and how we can redirect each other back to Christ in our struggles. This summer is definitely a turning point in my life and Teen Missions has definitely sucked me in. I’m seeing FTM (Former Team Member) in my future.

Patrick Brown – One of the things I’ve enjoyed about Haiti is the kids. They are really funny and awesome. One kid is named Tallutson. He is really cute and I love playing with him. He is seven years old and has the cutest laugh. Right now he is sitting on my lap trying to read the English words on this paper. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I leave. I might have to take him with me. We play games, and I’m having fun learning the language.



  1. Very proud of the Haiti team. Your commitment and dedication to this project is admirable. You could have done other things this summer but you all choose to help the less fortunate and serve God where he needs you. The team is in our daily thoughts and prayers. Anna, miss you but I know this is where you need to be. Looking forward to seeing your smiling face and hearing all the great moments you experienced on this trip. Love you!

  2. Maureen Briglio

    I am thanking God for his answers to many prayers for this Haiti Team, I’m so blessed to know my niece May Bunn is there giving her all for the Lord, it doesn’t surprise me as she has always had a giving heart. I told her one day I’d love to go on a mission with her. Praying about that, I continue to give thanks and know that God is in their midst…directing their path, and filling them with his strength and love. Bless His Name!

  3. Anna and team, it is amazing what you are all doing at your age. This is something you choose to do this summer while other kids are having much different rock & roll and block parties:)) I am so proud of all of you and you are a great inspiration. Keep encouraging one another and stay strong in your creator, thru him all things are more than possible. You are in our prayers daily.
    We love you and miss you sooooo much Anna!!!

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