The Ecuador Team Is Making A Difference

Greetings from beautiful Ecuador! We really are located in an amazing place. We can see the peaks of three mountains from here on a clear day!

Our last three days have been very busy! The team has continued to keep putting some of the tents for the Ecuadorian Boot Camp up every morning after the wind blows them down. Now that the leaders and team members have arrived (Sunday), that responsibility will belong to them. There is a sigh of relief for that, since they have greater numbers!

We have also begun doing work on the interior of an incomplete room. The walls need to be finished (which involves slinging concrete on them!), and we need to put in windows and a door. The team has also been doing a lot of grounds work, trying to help the Base do some needed landscaping. This includes weeding, weed whacking/grass cutting (as they have no working mower), picking up trash, organizing work rooms, etc. The team has been split into two groups, and one day the one works the grounds and the next they switch and work on the room. We are praying and working hard towards completing this project before we leave.

The weather has been chilly in the morning/evenings, reaching into the low 40’s and even high 30’s, but some afternoons have been very pleasantly in the mid-60’s. We have a nice enclosed area which includes our kitchen and eating/meeting area. It has a fireplace that we frequently make use of!

A highlight for us Sunday was that we were able to go into Latacunga in the morning to a church called Cielos Abiertos and do a presentation during the morning service. The team shared puppets, a testimony from Joy Beam (interpreted by Maddie Burk), a Spanish and two English songs. They did a great job! Afterwards, the church treated us to an ice cream at a place in a local mall. It was a wonderful treat! Though we couldn’t understand everything (actually, barely anything except for a few of us!), we enjoyed the fellowship of the Christian Ecuadorians.

Tomorrow we head off Base for a day of sightseeing/shopping in Banos’, a popular city a few hours from here. I’ll have more to tell you later in the week about that! We have a picnic lunch packed and ready to go. God bless you all and please keep praying for us here in Ecuador. We are all staying healthy, praise the Lord!

A few more of their favorite things:

Rachel Han: Being in Ecuador has been such a blessing. I remember one night in particular where the beauty of Ecuador really hit me. It was the second or third night we were here and we decided to sing songs outside. Our team stood on a hill that overlooked the city and we sang “How He Loves” and “How Great is Our God.” I think being able to see the city lights as well as the stars above us made the lyrics of those songs sink in. Besides that, in Ecuador I’ve been growing really close with my team members and learning about how mighty Ecuador 7:22-1and merciful God is.

Allegra Decker: Being here in Ecuador has really taught me a lot; I have grown closer to God, and am really beginning to understand His Word. I have had some really cool experiences here thus far such as some of our daily devotions and just being able to witness the beauty God has created here in Ecuador. Hiking up Mt Cotopaxi was hard but God really gave me the strength to persevere and not give up. I absolutely love my team members, we have all become so close in just a short time and I am beginning to see the way in which God is working in all our lives.

Nathanael Palmer: This trip has been one of the most awe-inspiring experiences ever. Getting to see God’s handiwork in the mountains has been indescribably awesome. When you just take a moment to step back and admire His creation, you can’t help but praise and thank Him. Being out here, in the midst of it all, makes me feel that much closer to God Himself. You get but a small taste of the overwhelming Glory of God when you behold His masterpiece. By carefully observing His artwork, you come to understand more of the artist Himself.

Lia Crumpton: My favorite things are: the unity in our team, the friendly competition in presentations…boys versus girls, and the great attitudes!



  1. Tricia McTaggart

    Thank you for the updates! Love reading them. God bless you all.

  2. Praying for you and the team daily! I can’t wait to hear all about your summer!

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