The Philippines Team Is Hard At Work

Philippines 7:22-1Much has happened since our last report. We said goodbye to our friends at the street children ministry and headed to the TMI base in Buenavista. It is a beautiful piece of property up in the mountains. There are lots of places to get away and we are enjoying quiet places for our private devotions. After walking up the hill, the team and the TMI staff and students met together to pray over the project site. We are rebuilding the House of Prayer that was destroyed by the typhoon in the fall. We started right on the project which includes block laying, mixing cement, making trusses and pouring concrete. The team is really having the opportunity to use their skills learned at Boot Camp and more!

On Saturday, the team worked half a day, then went out to the villages with the BMW students to do ministry. Each group did puppets and music, then played with the children who attended. We came back and had supper together. The students really enjoyed the pizza bites and chocolate chip bars! Then we all played some games together and had devotions. We are really enjoying getting to know the staff and students and spending time with them.
On Sunday we were up early to be able to get to church by 8 AM. Anthony, the leader, gave the sermon, and the team did puppets, dramas and music. Boy do the Filipinos know how to sing and Praise the Lord! We really enjoyed the music at the beginning of the service.
The team has been up early on weekdays to be able to work during the cool mornings. They start work at 5 AM and get a couple of hours work done before breakfast. Then in the heat of the early afternoon is when we do classes.
We are thankful for your prayers for the team. We have had a few colds, but overall, we are staying healthy. We have to go in town to type reports at the internet cafe, so will be back in the end of the week.
Danae Kostner – The Philippines is a beautiful place. Every morning we are up at 4:30 AM and we start working around 5 AM. We watch the sun come up over the beautiful hills and ocean. God’s creation is an awesome sight. The Lord has taught me to rely on Him for strength. Because I definitely can not walk up that hill 10 times a day carrying sand, water and cement on my own.
Isabella Matias – Through this trip I’ve learned so much. My team has helped me grow in so many ways. I now know what it’s like to be in constant motion, in learning about God and my team mates. I’ve learned to trust more in God and trust that He will make sure everything turns out OK and I’ve learned to rely more on others. God is really showing me amazing things on this trip.







  1. Kim Vinciguerra

    So excited and thankful to read updates. Missing my boy, Joshua like crazy, but so excited to read about all they are accomplishing in the name of the Lord. Can wait to hear first hand out of his mouth. Praying for continued safety and success. <3

  2. So glad work is going good for you all! Continuing to keep yall in my prayers! 🙂 missing my son Justin but I know the Lord is working in his life and cant wait to hear all about it when the team returns! 🙂

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