111 Decisions For Christ!

Indiana 7:23-5 Indiana 7:23-4 Indiana 7:23-3 Indiana 7:23-2 Indiana 7:23-1
Pray ye therefor the Lord of the Harvest, that He will send forth laborers into His harvest.  – Matthew 9:38
Friday marked our last day at the Warrick, Pike, and McLean County Fairs (Boonville, Petersburg, and Calhoun). At Warrick County, which was the biggest fair this week, a total of 333 face-to-face surveys were given; McLean County had a total of 182 surveys; Pike County had a total of 124 surveys. Over the past week, the Indiana and Scotland teams conducted 639 surveys, and were blessed by God to play the role of harvesters and prayed with 48 individuals to receive Christ as their personal Savior. We’ve been in Indiana for two weeks now, and have spoken face-to-face with over 1300 people, and have seen 111 of them make decisions to follow Christ. (We’ve also passed out over 300 Bibles!)  Praise the Lord for His goodness… for increasing His kingdom and for allowing us to be involved in His eternal plan of Salvation! There’s nothing more exciting than knowing that you and the people around you are doing a work that will impact eternity.
Saturday was an exciting day of ‘rest’. We spent part of our day working on a practical video tutorial on how to work the booths at the fairs so that next year, the newbies can get an idea on how it’s done before going out and evangelizing. That process involved both teams and a lot of laughter – but I think we pulled it together pretty well. Not to mention, we all now have professional movie-making experience. (That’s one of those nifty extras that wasn’t mentioned in the brochure.) Later that evening – at precisely 7:27pm – we had our TTT Saturday Night Rally with some guests from InBounds, an awesome Basketball-oriented ministry. We had fun getting to play some b-ball with the local youth group and the guys from InBounds, and our hearts were stirred by a powerful message of God’s love and Christ’s atoning sacrifice.
Sunday was a busy day as well. The Indiana team visited a fantastic church in West Salem, IL, and got the opportunity to put on a presentation for the people there. We sang “Amazing Grace”, introduced ourselves, and then put on a fairly smooth performance of “Colors” (one of four dramas we learned at Boot Camp). After that, we got to visit a farm (a beautiful house with a stable, horse pasture, and a lake in the back. The team had the unique and unexpected opportunity to ride horses and do some semi-high-speed tubing behind a jet ski.
Today we’re beginning our third week of evangelism, and tonight we’ll be heading out to a fresh batch of fairs – Knox County, IN, Daviess County, KY, and Edwards County, IL. The kids are becoming bolder and bolder, and with their experience increasing, they’re growing in wisdom and understanding, and we’re seeing longer and longer conversations going on at the fairs. Everyone is doing an amazing job, and are growing daily. We (the leaders) thank the Lord for the opportunity to spend our summer with such an awesome team.
Vera Gilmore – I am thankful to the Lord for all the growth that He has allowed to take place within not only the team, but with each person on the team. These last past three days have been hectic at times, but so far they have been enjoyable. Every day that we go to the fairs, God has blessed us by allowing us to reach more and more people. I also have enjoyed all the new friendships I’ve made and the good times and experiences that only happen once in a life time. I just really am thankful that God allowed me to go on the Indiana Team.
Nathaniel Bay – It has been a fun time in Indiana working on the Tabernacle and working at the fairs presenting the gospel to the fair-goers. It is tiring work and when I go to bed at night I am thankful for what I have, one of them being the friends that I have made that keep me accountable and challenging me to do greater things like read my Bible daily, pray more, keep my cool all the time, and to be an example of the believers as 1 Timothy 4:12 says.


  1. Wonderful ….love all the updates. Thank you for pictures too. We will continue to pray for both teams even though you aren’t together anymore. Thank you for including the Scotland this summer. God bless you on your journey.

  2. It warms my heart each time I read about all of the hardwork the Indiana Team is accomplishing. Keep up the good work! Love to all. See you in a few weeks.

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