Sad Farewells

Malawi EBC 7:14

Greetings from Malawi!

Friday was our last day of construction, and we were able to get to pouring the outline of the floor. Friday also marked the day before the Malawian teenagers arrived for Rumphi Boot Camp. So on Saturday morning, our team and the leaders for the Rumphi Boot Camp ran the O.C. together. The team enjoyed it!

Saturday was also the day that we packed up our things, Sunday we took down our tents, and loaded the bus to officially leave Rumphi. There was a good deal of tears on both the BMWs and our team’s sides. Some of our teenagers threatened to stay and not come back to the States. 🙂 We are all sad to go.

Sunday we drove up to Nyika, Malawi, in the north, which is close to the Zambia border, and stayed in four chalets overnight, going on a safari the next day. We mostly saw deer, but we also saw monkeys and warthogs.

We picked up our baggage at Rumphi on Monday and headed down to Chipoka. The truck was having difficulties and wouldn’t go over 35 km most of the way, so we drove all night and arrived in Chipoka on Tuesday morning as the sun was shining over the hills. After a bit of sleep, the team went to Senga Bay, which overlooks Lake Malawi, and bartered for souvenirs. We came back, ate dinner, and went to bed early.

We are glad for our time here, and we are also ready to get back home.







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  1. I am always glad for the updates, thank you! We got our first letter from you yesterday! We miss you Marina! Love, The Tinney Clan

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