The Belize Team Has Accomplished A Lot

Belize 7:20-4
The Lord is good. We have had a really awesome time here in Belize. On Saturday, we had a great time. We went to Corazal and swam in the Caribbean—plenty of sunshine (and sun burns) and good food. We ate sandwiches and had watermelon and cokes.
Sunday, we attended  the church that Norman and Ashley were married in. The church really liked us being there. The pastor had a real good message, I think it was just for us. His message was on the different parts of the church or team, that we are members in, how each one of us has a special place and that Jesus placed us here. It got all of us thinking why Jesus placed us here in Belize. As the kids think on this subject, it comes to mind that we will never be in this place with all the kids and leaders at the same time again. This really was interesting and a great topic for devo’s.
We have been very blessed here. We have gotten a lot of work done at the base. The weather has been great. It has been hot, but with plenty of clouds, and not much rain. With all the sunshine, we are able to get our work completed. We have poured a lot of concrete for sidewalks and cut down lots of brush to help clear some of the land.
We are all doing fine, a few aches and pains mostly from the work and heat.
During our devo’s we have had several of the team members talk about how the Lord has been working in their lives and how they have been growing in the Lord.  
Andrew H. – Well, so far, we have had a great time, in Belize. We went sightseeing and saw some really cool stuff and took some awesome pictures! We’ve gotten a lot of work done at Perfect Peace Ministries. We laid a lot of sidewalk, did some painting and cleared space with machetes. Every day the Lord gives us strength to keep on working each day !!
Madison S. – When I was six I got saved, I went to church and was always pretty good, but I never fully trusted in God to work in me and take care of me. Then I think God did things to make me realize that I needed to trust Him. And now I know that I really need to trust God, and live one day at a time, not worry about what will happen tomorrow, and He will help me get through today.






  1. Go Team Belize. Almost over. Count down is on. Can’t wait to hear what things The Lord has done in and through this team!! Miss you Addie Olson mostest!!!

  2. When does the Belize team fly out?

  3. Job well done guys… Miss and Love you Samuel C- grandma

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