The Italy Team Is In Rome

Italy 7:8-5We had a great time in Torino. We were able to evangelize in many different places. Several team members were able to have very in-depth conversations with people that were interested and had questions.

Ruth and JP shared with three young men that stopped sun-bathing, put their clothes on, and came closer so they could hear better. One of them had started reading the NewTestament a few months ago and just stopped because he didn’t understand. He had several questions and ignored his friend’s jokes.

Eric Latham and Gabriela Powell had a long conversation with a couple of guys who were seriously questioning life, purpose, eternity, and the possibility that the Bible may be true.

Many seeds were planted. The team also shared at the church we attend. Luke A. Nielson and Jared Isles gave testimonies. The church members were excited to think we may have TMI available for their Italian youth. They could really see the joy of the Lord in our team.

We had a safe trip to Rome after church on Sunday. Unfortunately, the evangelism opportunities that were planned fell through. We will be doing some sightseeing Tuesday and Wednesday. We will pass out tracks as well during that time and if the opportunity presents itself do a full presentation. Thursday, the journey home begins. We have started packing a little today since the next two days are busy.

Everyone is beginning to feel a little homesick, but they also want to make the most of their time together here in Italy. Many of them want to say,  “I miss you mommy”, but specifically Zachary Taylor has mentioned he is bringing his mom a bunch of chocolate because he now realizes what a blessing she has always been and how unappreciative he was.





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  1. Grazie! Can’t wait for Shalen to be home!!!! So happy for this experience and want to hear all about it!!!! She and Sarah(Scotland Team) have been greatly missed by both her parents and the little sisters!!!! Enjoy all that God has prepared for you and bring some tales of Italian living home!!!

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