The Malawi Team Is Experiencing The Malawi Boot Camp

Malawi SBC 7:19

Another week starts for the Malawi Team! Yesterday (Sunday), we had our first rally at the Malawi Boot Camp. The team enjoyed singing along with the Malawians and watching their cheers! Since we did not have the truck, we did a small worship service as a team. It was so nice to all sing together and spend some time praying and seeking after the Lord as we started this new week.

We ran out of propane the last day we were in the village. And I was not able to get into the city to get more till today. So the lady leaders and KP have had to make all of our food over a fire! They have done a wonderful job, but were very excited when I got back from town with two tanks of propane! Since the Malawi Boot Camp is going on, we are eating a couple lunches with the Boot Camp. The team eats Malawian food with the different teams. It gives them the perfect chance to interact with the youth of Malawi and experience their culture. Today was the first day of doing that and most of the Malawian youth were a little scared of the 26 Americans that were sitting beside them.

Tonight during devotions, Sarah Powell shared about doing everything for the glory of God. She told the team that during Boot Camp she wanted to leave and hated everything about it. But then God began to give her a fresh attitude on things. She realized that it was not about her but giving glory to God! Sarah had wanted to go home but now is so glad that she made it through!!

Thanks for your prayers! Good night from Malawi.


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  1. We’re praying for all of you. Thank you for the updates. It’s so nice to be able to learn where you’re going and what you’re doing. God be with you.

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