The Peru Team Is Enjoying The Children!

Greetings from hot and humid Pucallpa, Peru! We were told by the missionaries here that the average temperature is around 32 celsius…so sometimes it is difficult to stay cool! The team is doing a great job on the Pastor´s house. They started to lay the brick walls for the first floor and have been working hard at making mortar and making sure everything is lined up and level. They will most likely being working on laying brick for the next few days. This past weekend, the team had several wonderful opportunities to present the Gospel to a couple different groups of children. On Friday, we went to an elementary school where the team did a presentation for a couple hundred children! The children were so excited to meet the Americans and we had lots of fun playing with them. On Saturday, we took a walk down to a local orphanage and also had a chance to play with the children of all ages there. Shannon Fahnestock and Eric Mahon especially enjoyed playing soccer with the kids. Time has certainly been flying by—we are blessed to be here in Peru and we pray that the Lord will use us to bless others. Continue to pray for the team as they continue the work here…we are praying for you back at home as well!





  1. Will you please post another picture. We want to see some of what is going on in Peru.

    • Seth, We have not received any pictures from Peru. Sometimes is it difficult to download photos from overseas.

  2. Wow! That’s hot! Keep working hard! Our family prays for your team daily. God is using you in amazing ways and we are so happy to hear about it. Keep the faith, stay strong, God is using these experiences to form you and make something beautiful. He has a plan keep it up! We’re praying for you Jessica! God Bless you all!

  3. Sounds hot! Bootcamp was probably good preparation. We continue to pray for you all daily. We pray for safety on the jobsite, protection from insect bites, and increased faith for each and every one. Our prayers are also with the Peruvians! We have not received any mail from Peru yet. Please keep mentioning kids names. It is our only connection with them. Thank you!

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