The Team Has Begun Their Ministry In N. Ireland

Our new home in Belfast is amazing!! We are residing at Mountpottinger Presbyterian Church and it is BEAUTIFUL! The building is around 150 years old. It has huge, colorful stain-glass windows, tall ceilings, a beautiful balcony and an exquisite pipe organ which happens to be the first one I’ve ever seen! The sanctuary has recently become the new dormitory of the girls on our team. We had permission to use the bright red cushions off the pews, so most of the girls have put them down on the carpeted floor and use them as their mattress, then there are some who have opted to sleep on the narrow, quaint pews! We have been blessed in our new bedroom and have slept divinely. The boys’ room is a small one off the balcony, since we only have three guys it works. The Myers family has been blessed with a room and a bathroom right off of it. Very nice!!
The team has been using the sanctuary as a quiz arena, Mike even has a little throne that he sits on as the quiz master.  It has been great to hear the memory verses echoing throughout the church building!!!

There is no place for bathing here at the church, so the pastor here has gotten permission for us to use the Avoneal  Leisure Centre (a gym, like a YMCA) to take showers at no cost. It is a nice seven minute walk that we take in the evenings, it is very enjoyable and relaxing.

Johnty (Pastor Johnston) and the rest of the staff have treated us like royalty.

The team is working this week on Bible Scheme, which is like our VBS Program in the States. Yesterday was the first day and they had thirty children from the ages of 5-13. Our TMI team has been so enthusiastic in being with these children who come from some pretty tough backgrounds. They basically run the program under the supervision of two church members. The program includes Bible stories, memory verses, crafts and games. The games are held mostly upstairs, it is such a blessing to hear all those pitter patter of feet echoing in these halls. It has definitely warmed my heart!

God has truly blessed us here in Northern Ireland, pray for all of us that we are faithful to shine HIS light into the darkness.

Talia Kavanah – On Saturday, we went to Dublin again. I got the opportunity to talk to a lady who was a Christian, but still believed she had to do good works to get into heaven. I was able to use Ephesians 2:8-9 and explain it to her and pray with her. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “I have to go but you have just changed my life.” Wow! God is amazing!

Kaitlyn Penner – My favorite part of Ireland has been the evangelism. I talked to two evolutionists who weren’t interested in a tract because they said they believed in the Big Bang Theory. I asked them a few questions and told them what I believed. They seemed interested in what I had to say and before they left, they took a tract. I also talked to a guy who said he used to believe in God, but now he doesn’t because Christians are hypocrites and tell lies. Together with another teammate, I talked to him for about a 1/2 hour.  Our leader gave him a Bible and he decided to take a tract. He also decided to come with us to the soup kitchen where our team was going to prepare and serve dinner to the homeless and jobless. One of our leaders got to talk to him some more before he left.Ireland 7:23-1 Ireland 7:23-2


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  1. What thrill it has been to read the reports and see all the pictures. Happy birthday Michelle. We are praying for you.


    Mom & Dad

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