The Zambia Team’s Last Few Days In Zambia

Zambia 7:23-1 Zambia 7:23-2 copy
We greet you from the wonderful country of Zambia! Just the thought of only a couple more days left here makes the team quite sad. We are missing our loved ones back home, but we’ve come to love the people and culture here. Our lives will be forever touched. The shopping day in Ndola was quite an adventure. A few popular items purchased were drums, football shirts and handmade jewelry. Many team members also bought colorful wraps called chitenges. We spent the late afternoon at an open market along the side of the road. There were exquisite paintings and beautiful carvings. Our team put in a full day! As the sun set, the kids scrambled to make final purchases and to barter to get the best deal. Micah discovered a hidden talent. Everyone’s face shone with excitement that night as they shared with one another what gifts they bought. Saturday was was the pack-up day and cooking day. The team had a last time to play with the children on the base and say their goodbyes. We attended the Bible school student’s evening devotions Saturday night to encourage them one last time. We sang and did our favorite cheer and  Fiona and Judah shared testimonies of God’s faithfulness during our time in Zambia.
Ayla, Andy, Perrry and Kiana made some tasty treats for our travel days. Sunday, we left the base early in the morning to reach the capital city of Lusaka. Sunday evening, we stayed overnight  at Redeemed Church of God. We woke at 3 AM Monday morning to finish our travel to Livingstone.
Several of out team members are sick with the 24-hour flu and are not feeling well, so, again we covet your prayers for a quick healing so they may feel better tomorrow. The team is excited to travel the last eight hours to reach Livingstone and see Victoria Falls.
We arrived in Vic Falls late Monday and checked in at Overland Missions Camp where the kids enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs over the campfire. The team went to bed anticipating our day at Victoria Falls. Our next team report will be sent from Paris on our way home

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