Cameroon Is Ready To Do Foot Washing

Cameroon 7:24
 Hello from Cameroon! Last night was our last official night of rally for the Cameroonian Boot Camp. It was the Commissioning Service for the Cameroonians; if you saw the Commissioning Service in Florida on the web, it was very much the same. The candle light service was beautiful and we were grateful to be a part of it. Annelise Baker specifically, really enjoyed the rallies with the Cameroonians and her mindful/ heartfelt  worshiping has been a great example to the rest of the team. This morning we got to sleep in and this was greatly appreciated as some of the team members are coming down with colds.
Tomorrow we have a three-hour drive to the AIDS Orphan Rescue Unit, will be setting up camp, and then preparing to hand out shoes and do foot washing. We will be there for five nights and then will be returning to the Teen Missions Boot Camp site to restock supplies before we head out to another Rescue Unit. We are all excited for this!! As we prepare to go, we are sorting hundreds of shoes according to size and pair into bags; this is to better organize the process of matching shoes to children at the Rescue Unit.
Another team member we would like to mention is Alyshia Collins. She has been a great asset to our team. Her kindness and compassion shown to everyone on the team has really been a blessing, especially when team members need a friend.
Sherry Burns – Palm oil…. it should rhyme with with Cameroon. The orange/yellow oil is put in everything!! Orange rice, orange this, orange that…it is really hard to be thankful for. But looking at Cameroon and knowing that it is all they have, makes me realize how blessed my life really is. But, I am even MORE thankful for no more palm oil.
Jensen Gerondale – When I first got to Boot Camp, I was really sick from the change in climate (I am from Alaska). I am a very independent person, I like to do things on my own. I learned to trust other people on my team to help me and I learned to have patience for myself and those on my team. When I am sick, I only like my mom helping me, but she wasn’t there. I had to learn to rely on my team to help me when I wasn’t feeling good.


  1. Uncle Philip & Aunt Betsi

    We’re praying for you Alyshia. Good Job working for The Lord & spreading His Word & His Love!

  2. I LOVE YOU ALYSHIA! You are amazing! and a blessing to all!

  3. Thank you so much for the update. Kernersville NC is praying for all of you. Thank you for the picture. It sure is beautiful. We would love to see more!!!

  4. Time is flying by. Praying for you all. Beautiful Picture–I think it’s upside down.

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