Ecuador Report From 7/18 (that was lost in cyberspace…)

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Buenos Dias from Ecuador! We woke to a cloudy, chilly morning with a bit of ‘spitting’ rain, as I call it, but now it’s cleared and the sun is shining. A bonus to the rain here is that it’s almost always followed by a beautiful rainbow. We have enjoyed rainbows the last two mornings!

Today, our KP, Nathanael Palmer and Joy Beam, helped prepare a bacon/egg/toast and fruit breakfast. We also fixed tea or cocoa most mornings since the weather is usually very chilly in the morning. I have to say that the team has had very hearty appetites since we’ve been in Ecuador! They’re all eating very well. Tonight the intern, Jessica Jones, is going to help us fix “salchicha”, a dish made with fried hot dogs, served with fries, and vegetables. We’re looking forward to it!

Since the team came down from Cotopaxi, they’ve been keeping busy around the base. They’ve set up over 45 tents for the Ecuador Boot Camp teams and leaders who will be coming in beginning today. They first had to dig rows of trenches for drainage so that tents won’t be flooded. We hope to be part of Boot Camp, helping with the Obstacle Course and having a part in the evening rallies. Our team would love to be able to do their presentation and use their puppets, drama, and music to witness to the Boot Camp. The team has also been doing some maintenance on doors around the Base, cleaning the missionary barrel, and getting the Obstacle Course ready. Some have been working on landscaping as well.

Last night we had a game night and played Bible charades- boys vs. girls. It was a great time, and only reinforced what we know about our team… that we have a lot of ‘hams’! Your kids are such great fun! We also bought candy and chips and had a ‘store’ for our fun time. They bought everything up and really enjoyed the different nestle’ chocolate, noggy’s,and ‘tafi. (For the record, the boys won).

The Lord is teaching all of us a lot spiritually. We have private devotions each morning following breakfast. In the afternoon we have Bible marking, and after supper we enjoy group devotions which one of the team member or leaders leads. It has been great to get to know the kids better as they share their testimonies, favorite verses, and struggles they’ve been facing. We follow this with prayer for the ‘speaker’. This time has really brought our team close.

Continue to pray for us! We have a lot we’d like to accomplish and really desire your prayers!

Isaac Park – Throughout this trip, I have learned so much and I’ve grown so much closer to God. There is so much time here, whether it’s through devotions, Bible studies, or just reflecting on how God shows His glory through the beauty of this country, to just read and learn what God has to show us through His Word. The people of this country are so sweet and nice, but they so desperately need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Through these past few days God has opened my eyes to not only the need of this country but also to the need that the whole world has. I pray that God would use me to reach out to these people and that He would continue to work in my like as a follower of Christ.

Lia Crumpton – Ecuador is 100% beautiful! God has shown me His masterpiece in another part of the world! It’s such a life-changing experience. When we got here I was absolutely stunned by the scenery in Ecuador. The people here are filled with such compassion and fire for God. A couple days after we started our hike to Mt Cotopaxi the world’s second largest active volcano in the world! (I nearly died going up!). God gave us strength and perseverance to keep going. The team was so encouraging to me personally. Step by step I heard Scripture verses and words of only encouragement. Praying is a big part of our team even since day one…spending personal time and team time talking to God. Recently after getting back to Base we’ve done some fun stuff like setting up Boot Camp, presentations, Bible charades, and cheers. It was such a blessing to tell the Bible club kids about Jesus! James Bagans lead the alter call and Ben (the base coordinator) translated. The kids repeated the prayer which warmed everyone’s heart. Each day we grow spiritually, and have become more closely knit together as a team. God has blessed us in such an incredible way, it’s as if we’ve know each other for years. I know I’ve grown closer to God and there’s still more to come.

God bless! I love you family, friends, and supporters! Can’t wait to see ya’ll soon!


‘Favorite things’ from some of the team (more will follow!)

Kitty McKay: It has been such a blessing being here so far. I absolutely love Ecuador. The people are so joyful and are always filled with such contagious laughter. When climbing Mt Cotopaxi, God’s glory was truly revealed to me. Just a small portion of His creation was mind-blowing. Our entire team has bonded and I am so thankful for every team member/leader. I plan to take full advantage of every moment in Ecuador!

John Henderson: The best part of this trip for me so far was camping on the mountain. I have never seen something as awesome as that. It really made me happy to know that God created all of that and He also created me! In His love, John

Joy Beam: I am so amazed by the things God has been doing this summer. I am definitely being challenged in my walk with God and am so encouraged to see my team members growing in their walk with God, too. Climbing Mt Cotopaxi taught me a lot and I’m excited about the rest of my time here in Ecuador.

Christian Neils: My experience in Ecuador has been amazing. God has shown me so many things. One, our team has grown so much in the past week that we’ve been here. It’s amazing to hear everyone’s testimonies and to hear how God has been working in their lives. Two, God has given me a passion for the people of Ecuador. I am excited to see how God will use tis time to bring people to Him.



  1. Lindsay Henderson

    When you say you have alot of ‘hams” on the team… I know for sure John has to be one of them… that kid is a hoot!

  2. I can only imagine how toned all of your leg muscles are after all that hiking and climbing, and your upper body strength as well with all the work you are doing at the base! Boot Camp attendees will be blessed because of your help. I know your spiritual “muscles” are getting a workout too, as you have plenty of daily opportunities to praise instead of complain, sing instead of whine, volunteer for the hard stuff rather than hang back, and pray for each other’s needs rather than let bitterness or resentment creep in. It sounds like all of you on the team are doing just that! We pray for you daily and look forward to your coming home. Miss you and love you, LIA!

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