The Arizona Team Is Staying Busy!

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Greetings from Arizona! I wish I could say Sunny Arizona, but they call this Monsoon Season for good reason. We’ve had lunch under a thunderstorm for several days in a row, but the soaking nighttime storms are even worse. Some of our mulch work has been washed away, but Jeff wants to wait for a break in the weather to repair it.
Everyone is doing well, and the work is progressing nicely. Our work hours are mostly in the morning, and morning weather has been nice. We are done (for now) with the mulch. Sand was spread on a volleyball court. The place has been very busy with a Navajo Family Bible Camp, and we have cleaned the bathrooms, sometimes twice a day. The painting project has started.  We are painting the shop building and two smaller storage buildings. Benches have been ordered, and due to a glitch in the ordering process, will arrive on Friday. We will still have time to assemble them.
We have been treated to Pizza not once, but twice! The first time, the blessing came from Matthew Mellinger’s parents, who sent us the gift card and ice cream with Matt’s sister Elizabeth Brusnahan and her husband Jonathan. The second time, at the end of the church service we attended at Calvary Chapel this past Sunday, a church member named Alicia approached us and said that the Lord had put it in her heart to take us all out to lunch. Thank you!
We were invited to share our program with the adult meeting last night, and it went very well. Many in the congregation were taking pictures and video, and we handed out a good number of brochures to people who wanted to know more about us.  Tonight we were invited to attend their last youth meeting.
Everyone is healthy! We will be spending the day at the Grand Canyon tomorrow, and we plan to see Walnut Canyon Thursday afternoon. Sunday afternoon, we hiked all the way to the top of Mt Elden, and took in the sights of the city of Flagstaff and of the thunderstorms in the valley to the North. Thank God, the storm waited until we got done with the hike.

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