The Haiti Team Is Being Used By God

Haiti 7:22-3

Despite the sweltering heat and humidity, work continues down here on the orphanage in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Work projects this week include digging a sump hole for the shower block, making repairs to the security fence surrounding the property, and re-grading the roadway out in front of the orphanage. A highlight for all was to see the waterline, which the team dug the first week, come online this week! This is a waterline that is open to the whole community, and it is so exciting to see clean water being provided for free to a community that is in desperate need of it! The team is also really looking forward to our “tour day” later this week where we will be visiting the Citadelle, a large mountain top fortress in northern Haiti, and going for a swim in the Caribbean Sea near Fort Liberty.

Please continue to pray for us as we continue to get prepared for the upcoming Sunday Services that we will be running.

Laurel Compton – Haiti is a beautiful place. The mangos are delicious, and the sky is such a vibrant blue. The people are very friendly and seem very happy that we are here and are curious about us at the same time. But as beautiful as this place is, there is a darkness here, a darkness that only the light of God can cut through. It’s the darkness of starvation, poverty, and hopelessness. It is my prayer that our team can light the fire of God’s love among these people, and it will continue to burn long after we are finished with our work. Being here has truly taught me how unimportant the comforts of a normal American household are compared to how important it is to leave those comforts behind and come to the places that so desperately need to hear that there is hope for those who love and trust in God.

Connor Henderson: Here in Haiti I’ve seen God more alive and more real than I ever have before. Each day I grow closer to Christ as He grows in me the heart of a servant. As I see the faith that the Haitians have in this beautiful, yet dark place, my own faith in Christ and in His will for me is strengthened. Each day I pray that God would continue to use me and my team as His ambassadors in a place that so desperately needs His grace.







  1. The Milz/Hyun Family

    We are praying for the Haiti Team. You are all doing wonderful work for our Lord in serving these precious people. Laurel, we lift you up especially. We had a card for you but didn’t know where to mail it. Your mother noted this website and has snail mailed you as well and prays continually for you and the team. We’ll see you in a few weeks. Go with God!
    In His love, Mr. & Mrs. Milz, Daniel & Nora

  2. Hi It is wonderful to hear all the wonderful things God is doing threw the Haiti Team. We and many others are praying for all of you daily. It is a wonderful thing to see young people being the hands and feet for Christ in so many different ways. May God watch over each one of you and keep you. Trinity we love you and Miss you but we know that the Lord is with you and your team. To all of you God bless each one in a very special way Thank you for the reports they are wonderful.

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