The Philippines Team Is Very Busy

Phil. 7:24-1 Phil. 7:24-2 Phil. 7:24-3 Phil. 7:24-4 Phil. 7:24-5 Phil. 7:24-6 Phil. 7:24-7 Phil. 7:24-9 Philippines 7:24-8
The past few days have been very rainy here in the Philippines, but the work continues. The team is busy building trusses for the House of Prayer that we are rebuilding from the typhoon. Today is nice, so the walls continue to go up. The blocks are very thin so when they get set, concrete is poured into the holes of the blocks to make them stronger. Some are digging a trench from the top of the hill to the entrance to help with water drainage. The team works really well together and encourages each other along the way. The lady leaders are enjoying having two people on KP each day and getting to spend quality time with the team members!
We plan to go to the beach at the Bohol Sea on Friday and we are taking the students with us. They are so excited. It will be less busy at the beach on Friday instead of going on Saturday. We are told it is only about 30 minutes away.
The base is running a retreat here this weekend, so we may be a part of helping with that also. We are planning to go to a church in Buenavista on Sunday and share our presentation and Anthony Myers will preach again.
We are enjoying our evening devotions. Most team members are sharing their testimonies and it is a great way to get to know each other better, and to know how to pray for each other.
We are thankful for all the Lord is doing in and through the team here in the Philippines. We only have a week left before we travel to Hong Kong, so we want to get the project done before we go.
Thank you for your prayers.

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  1. It is great getting the updated teem post. This one was especially nine because I got to see my son, Adam Smouse. Yea, Adam. Looking good!

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