The Russia Boot Camp Is Over

Russia 7:17-4

Russia’s Boot Camp Commissioning was on July19. As in Florida, some family and friends came – some quite early. This made working on Friday very challenging with parents and younger siblings all over. On Saturday, as the Russian teams went out (one Russian teen & one Russian Preteen remained here), we got a good deal of work done and the team walked up to the center of Krasnaya Niva and passed out tracts and did drama for the few people who were around.

We also had the opportunity to participate in the Russian Commissioning (David spoke) and being in their Boot Camp photo. We attended services at Shadrinsk Baptist Church and were served a delicious meal after the service.

We plan on evangelizing with the Russian team as often as we can. We also plan to continue working on the Preteen rally platform, and do work in the community as an outreach. Also, on Tuesday, we will do our sightseeing day to Ekatrinburg, to see the Europe-Asia border, visit the memorial church at the site of the murder of the last czar. We’ll also get to shop in a bazaar (outdoor market with souvenir items) and a huge mall.


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