Malawi Continues Their Ministries

Malawi SBC 7:19

Happy Birthday!!!! Today we celebrated all the summer birthdays on the team! The lady leaders made a wonderful cake and all the team sang!

Since our last report, the team has been very busy. Tuesday, all the team taught classes at the Malawi Boot Camp. I love watching the team put to practice the things they learned at Boot Camp. They have all done a wonderful job teaching the Malawians the things they have learned. The team is having to teach through translators and it has been a growing experience for them. I think they have come to appreciate their teachers, not only from Boot Camp, but anyone that has tried to teach them.

Wednesday, we went to the House of Joel Rescue Unit. This was one of the hardest places for the team. I can’t tell you how many children came with infected wounds. The team has become really good at cleaning the sores and putting the right medication on them. After we dress the wounds, we always pray with each one. Many of the villagers have been saying that not even the missionary hospitals in Malawi do that for every patient. We saw a boy come to the Unit that was 15 year old. However, looking at him, you would think that he was only eight. The team has got to see firsthand the effect of malnutrition. The boy has lost both his parents and lives with his grandmother, who has not done a good job at keeping him healthy. He had a great time playing with the team and spending time with them.

Today (Thursday), we went to the SonRise Palms Unit to do the clinic. The morning was slow, but as the afternoon went on, things got busy. The children from this village are not as sweet as the other Malawian children the team has seen. They learned that not all African children can be friendly and welcoming. The kids kept trying to get into the medication and run away with the glasses. The group on kid control, as we have come to call it, had their hands full today.

It is hard to believe that we only have 10 days left in Malawi! We as leaders are encouraging them to make every minute they have left to count. Tonight KP had a lot of extra dishes and a lot of the team took their free time to help them out. For 26 of them they do a good job at not pairing off and being together. Today we got a HUGE stack of mail! The team is going to be very excited when we pass it out tonight!

Please pray for the health of the team. While none of us are seriously sick, a couple of us (including me) have colds. However, even with the cold, it does not slow the team down. They keep on going strong, doing what God has called them to do. It is a huge blessing to see how through the summer, the team comes closer together and how God changes them one by one. Sorry I have not been able to send more pictures in. The internet here tends to be very slow and cuts in and out. I will be in the middle of downloading a picture and then it cuts out! It’s frustrating!!! But at least I am able to get the reports and for that I am very grateful. Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. This sounds so awesome!
    What great opportunities are presenting themselves to the kids as they follow Christ- living for and serving Him!
    Thank you, Jesus!
    Encourage them to notice the blessings, daily choice differences, and impacts of choosing to give each hour to you.

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