Some Of The Russia Team’s Adventures

Russia 7:17-19

The Russia team is doing great. We are building a free-standing platform for the floor of a Preteen rally site. Instead of a regular foundation, it will be supported by truck tires (used) filled with sand. The team has been staining all the boards, nailing them in place, and also varnishing the wood to protect it. In addition, together with the Russian kids, we are now doing some help projects in the community – such as clearing overgrown weeds at the entrance to the local kindergarten. Dramas, street witnessing and soccer are also part of our daily ministries and work. Weather has been nicer, with mostly sunny and warm days, cool nights and only passing showers.

Tuesday, July 23, the team went on our sightseeing day in Ekatrinberg. We visited the chapel that is in memory of the last Czar, Nicholas II, and his family. We shopped at a small bazaar downtown, and then went to the border where Europe and Asia meet. Lastly, we went to a very large mall that included an IKEA store. It was a long and tiring but fun day for all.

Our plans and goals include continuing work on the rally platform, which we have to get more wood for. We will also be doing our best to get it onto the tires and leveled. The team is learning one of the Russian dramas, and they’ll continue to work on that as well – getting the movements coordinated with the music. We will also continue to do as much in the community as we can – help projects, soccer, drama and street witnessing, all in our quest to share the gospel as much as possible.


  1. Greetings to Andrew and the whole team! Keep up the good work sowers – you make us proud and give us encouragement. We send our love to our Russian friends through you.

  2. Greetings to our Hannah girl !!! Love to get the reports from all the Russia team is doing. Sounds like you all are busy and having fun too. Looking foreward to having you home in a few weeks. Much love. Nana

  3. Hi Sarah! Miss you a whole bunch!! Can’t wait to see you. Glad to hear it has warmed up a bit. I hope you did not get sick. Double your JP+!! Sounds like you are having a great time and working hard. I am visualizing you doing all kinds of work and having fun shopping, doing dramas and playing soccer. Can’t wait to hear all about everything!! Be safe and warm! Love you, Mom

  4. Hi Hannah, we miss you tons! The dramas sound right up your alley along with soccer. We hope the whole team is connecting well with the Russian team – how cool. A great chance to build friendships. Keep warm! Love Mom and Dad

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