Testimonies From Honduras

Honduras 7:24-3
Elliot Stoltzfus – All my life I’ve been wanting to go on a missions trip to anywhere in the world, and now this year I’ve finally got the opportunity to go on a Teen Missions trip to Honduras. One of the main reasons that I choose this particular team was that the main emphasis of this team was reaching kids with the love of Christ through soccer. I love playing soccer with the kids of Honduras, and then leading them to Christ through the presentation we do. When I get back home, I hope that I can spread the Word of God as boldly as I did in Honduras, and I hope to come back sometime in the future and reach more people for Christ.
Gavin Harrison –  Me and my brother were going to be going on the trip to Cambodia but it was cancelled. At the time, I didn’t understand why God closed that door. So me and my brother prayed about it and started looking for a different trip if any at all. One day we ran across the trip to Honduras. We prayed about it and decided that we were being called there. It took a bunch of supporters and prayer to get there, but I am glad I came. Through this experience I have learned to trust God.
Abby Johns-  Before I came to Teen Missions, I was a really shy person. I have prayed many times that an opportunity would come up where I would be able to come out of my comfort zone and be more open. Being on this team has helped teach me that my teammates and friends are there for me and that God has been there all this time and yet I have pushed Him away to work things out on my own. As I’m looking at all the Hondurans that come up to accept Christ into there hearts, I find myself thinking about all the opportunities God has given me. Now when I go home, I’m gonna be a new person.
Caleb Erickson-  Well, where do I start? This month in the beautiful country of Honduras has been amazing! We had over 800 kids come to Christ in two weeks! But the thing that stood out to me the most was our verses we had to memorize. One verse that stood out the most was Romans 8:28. Just something about it gave me the goose bumps! I thank God for this opportunity, it was amazing!”




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