Testimonies From The Ireland/N. Ireland Team

Ireland 7:25-3 Ireland 7:25-5

Taylor Bailey – VBS has been amazing. Working with children, of all ages, has been a great experience for me. There is a little boy named, Matthew, who is specially gifted. Working with him and seeing that he works hard on every game and doesn’t give up, makes me want to be a Special Education teacher even more than I already do. I know it is God’s calling for me because many have commented that I should be a teacher.

Ireland 7:25-1 Ireland 7:25-2Meredith – Belfast has been amazing. We are blessed to be around such kind people. The VBS is great. I love singing and doing crafts with the kids.

Nathan Dalrymple (I Samuel 16:7) – Belfast…we made it! It has been a blast. We have been having a great time teaching, leading and learning at the VBS. It is great to see kids come from all over town. I love that we are in a church that is beautiful. We had an amazing trip to Bangor the other night. Yesterday, we had a blast bowling. This trip has been such a blessing. I have learned soooo much. I am so glad God placed me on this team of super amazing people. I have been so blessed! Thank you Lord!

Claire Speer – We were sad to leave Ireland, but we have really been blessed in Belfast. The people at the church have been very generous and open-hearted, providing us with more than enough. Our project of working at a VBS has gone well so far. We are looking forward to the evangelistic opportunities. Also, our team has really grown close.

Izzy Workman – Here in Northern Ireland, things are great! Helping with the VBS is fun and I love working with all the kids, especially doing the crafts with them. God is really changing my life while on this mission trip. Everyday I draw closer to Him and become more on fire for Him. Thank you for your support and prayer!

Evan Dean – We’ll, what we’ve been doing here in Belfast has been a good experience. Just working with the kids and playing with them is great, but handing out tracts and talking to people is better. Some guy I talked to was insistent in his beliefs and hard to get through to. We had a long conversation. He has read lots of the Bible and he thought that the Godhead was changing and he saw his morals has right and wrong. He was asking some hard questions. Several times when I was talking to him, I gave him an answer, then immediately thought, “Where did that come from?”. God would just tell me the answers to his hard questions and I would say them.

Yoonho Cha – Every moment here in Belfast has been such an incredible experience. We are currently working as helpers at a program that helps young children learn about God and make new friends through games, crafts and more. It has be so heart-moving to be able to put smiles on children’s faces that come from abusive parents and no education. It is also amazing how through these children, I have grown closer to God, especially through one five year old named James. I remember seeing him for the first time with scars on his face. I asked him to spell his name, but he had no clue. At that moment, my heart was broken. ¬†However, although James seems to have grown up in a struggling neighborhood, the smile on his face when he sang songs about Jesus just made me realize that though the world may hurt you, God will always be hugging you.

Sarah Weaver – I have really enjoyed my time in Belfast so far. We have been helping with VBS this week and it has been a lot of fun working with the kids. It has been really cool to see the kids get into the Bible stories and the songs we sing in the morning; you can tell that they are learning more and more about God’s Word every day.

Tiffany Dyck – When we arrived in Belfast, I didn’t know what our project was going to be. I was excited to find out that we would be running a VBS. The children here are so sweet and I have enjoyed getting to know some of them quite well. On Tuesday, I got to teach them Romans 8:38-39, “I am certain that…nothing can separate us from the love of God.” The next day, I was doing a craft with a girl named Deanna and she really made my day when she proudly quoted it to me. Jesus said that to come to Him we must be like these little children, willing and eager to learn about Him.

Talia Kavanah – I have had a great time in Belfast. I have had the opportunity to be the storyteller during the morning VBS. I got to share the story of Elijah and the 450 prophets of Baal. It was cool to tell the story in my own words and to use the kids to act out parts of it for everyone else to watch. The coolest thing for me is watching the kids really pay attention and listen to the Bible stories and learn their memory verses.

Benet Landon – Belfast has been a fantastic experience so far. Working with the local kids in the VBS type program has been unbelievable because the kids seem so hungry and excited to sing the new “American” Christian songs, to learn the memory verses and to just get to know the funny American and Canadian teens. I have learned through them that learning verses can be both fun and rewarding. The children love using the special memory verse signs to hide God’s Word in their hearts. I must say, I am most certainly looking forward to seeing what God has in store for the rest of our time spent here. Miss you guys back home!

Kaitlyn Penner – In Belfast, we have been doing VBS with kids. I had the opportunity to do a few challenges as well as crafts with them. It has been interesting seeing all the different personalities in each child.

Eliza Merritt – I really like the kids who come to VBS in the mornings and afternoons. Their accents are adorable! They are learning the Bible stories and memory verses well. Please pray that the Word would stay “stuck” in their hearts long after this summer.



  1. Praying for you everyday. Keep up the good work!

  2. We are really enjoying the reports and the photos–it makes it much easier to picture the work you all are doing, and to pray for you all. As you near the home stretch, remember Gal. 6:9, “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” We are continuing to pray for your foot, Benet, and we miss you bunches! Love, Mom

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