The Last Report From Italy

Italy 7:25-1 Italy 7:25-2 Italy 7:25-3 Italy 7:25-4

The team got all checked in at the airport in Rome. We saw them off at security. It is always difficult saying goodbye. Everyone misses home, but they will all miss Italy as well. Plenty of tears were shed.

The team had a great but busy time sightseeing and were exhausted in the end. They saw the Colosseum, the Vatican, catacombs and more. They even did a couple presentations and sang songs in the subway tunnel.

We will miss them all. They are in good hands with Rae and JP. The flight they were on had a one-hour delay when we left them. We called the German travel agency and they said they would notify the coach so that there should be no additional fees.





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  1. So beautiful! Can not wait to hear all about this amazing journey…. and sqqqquuueeeeezzzzeeee my Shalen!!!!

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