The Last Report From Zambia

Zambia 7:12-1
Team Zambia is on their way to Merritt Island!
Greetings from the country of Kenya. Our team has started the long trek home to the United States. We left this morning from Zambia after an emotional goodbye to our national missionaries that assisted our team throughout our project. The last several days have been very full with long bus rides and full days of sightseeing. The team is tired, some are still struggling with a stomach flu, but all the kids thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Livingstone. Fiona and Cambrie were thrilled with seeing the large family of elephants crossing the road in front of our truck. Abby and Izzy were delighted to see the giraffes close up in the wild. Ty enjoyed watching the baby hippo drinking water only 50 feet from him. The safari was a big hit with all the kids and they are coming home with hundreds of pictures to share.
The Zambezi River cruise was another big hit with all. Gwen, our California girl, enjoyed the comfortable chairs in the sunshine, Wesley, Perry and Judah loved the lunch they prepared for us and Hannah and I enjoyed not having to cook. We were able to see a crocodile, hippos in the water, monkeys on the shore and impalas as well.¬†Many enjoyed a relaxing snooze although they wouldn’t admit it.
Next the team walked down to the bottom of the gorge at the base of Victoria Falls. We all were amazed at the handiwork of God and His beautiful creation. We stopped to thank the Lord for His works and sang songs in front of the falls to worship Him.
There was a wonderful rainbow from the top of the falls to the bottom. Next, we ventured out onto a bridge level with the falls and then went up to the river at the top of the falls. We were all pretty tired from the rock climbing, but as leadership, we praise God that every single team member was healthy enough to participate and enjoy our sightseeing day to Victoria Falls.
At the top of the falls, local merchants were selling hand-made goods. The kids enjoyed bartering and trading items from their backpacks for souvenirs. Micah, Kiana, Joy and some others made some very good deals with flashlights, watches, batteries and some personal items.
After our sightseeing day, we traveled back to Lusaka, and were able to eat out at a modern indoor mall and stayed at Redeemer Church of God. The team had their devos and camped out on the floor and alter.
That brings us to today. We rose early at 5 AM and rode to the airport to begin our long journey back to the States. God is faithful and has been watching over us and making our way smooth and we all praise Him for it! Please continue to pray for us as we still have a long way to travel. Tomorrow, we are planning to enjoy French pastries in Paris and making a phone call home when we get to New York. Thank you for all your prayers and support and for sharing your precious young adults with us for the summer.

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  1. Can’t find the notice of whether the team finished their road/bridge project – I was away from my computer and only got the July 15 and then the July 25 final posts. Was there one in between?
    Ty is home and with much joy and smiles.
    Thank you for what the Lord is doing thru you.
    Bill and Agnes Graff

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