A Morning In Uganda

Morning comes with wake-up call at 6:10 for the American team members staying at the TMI base at Koboko, Uganda. This facility is primarily The house of Justice Rescue Unit. This Saturday is orphan day here and the orphans are invited for a day of games, Bible Lessons and a hot meal.
After wake-up, most everyone takes their routine morning trip to the out house. It isn’t really an outhouse—it’s really a “squatty”, a hole in the floor with two bricks on either side. But it is a block building and has two stalls for each gender to use. We have found that bit of wood ash is the best method to decrease the smell.
The next order of business is to meet under the Sunday School pavilion at 6:30. This morning, however, Chelsea decided to sleep a few minutes longer and didn’t make it to the meeting till 6:35. SB? No, this Thursday morning, grace was given.
Normally we meet at 6:30 and work for an hour before breakfast time, but this morning it was raining ever so slightly. The decision was made to work on our memory verses. Sidney Martin and Chelsea finished their verse review and Dan Zettelmyer started his and was half way through before breakfast was called 25 minutes early at 7:05.
Breakfast was biscuits and gravey, “African Bacon” and tea. We have no option of fresh meat, so the leaders fried spam in oil and used that to put in the gravy mix. It tasted just like sausage gravy from Hardies—quite tasty. On the side was the “African bacon”. This was one of those deals that everyone enjoys, It’s just spam sliced about 3/8inch thick and browned on either side to make a tasty piece of meat that just melts in ones mouth. This is something that should be on every restaurant menu.
Breakfast is usually over at 8:00 but this morning we were finished much earlier and personal devotions were started at 7:42. By the time devotions were over, the rain had stopped and there were hints in the clouds that the sun might shine. The team had bath and laundry. The reason we do it in the morning is so the clothes have a chance to dry during the day. At 9:00 we meet and go over our goals for the day and divide into our different jobs.
Julius Boheart and Chelsea went to work on setting a string for one of the trenches that will soon contain a sewer line. Harmony Shropshire, Sidney Marin and Christal Kendal went to work mix mortar for the septic tank itself. Peter Demos, Meagan Huntington and Abby Ayers set to work on filling the space outside of the septic walls. Noah Warren joined forces with one of the BMW students mixing the wall plaster for the walls inside of one of the rooms. Dan Zettlemyer and Rachel Signoretti worked on the lime based sealer for the plaster. Jonah Schwortz and Caitlyn worked on drilling holes in the pipe for the drain field. David, Jono, Chelsea, Ashly, Courtney Petersen, Daniel Buell and Emily all worked on shoveling gravel into the trenches and Caleb Ling and Rachel Lind were on KP today. These were the work assignments for the morning and before we knew it, it was time for lunch.
Time does not permit me to tell of everything that happened throughout the rest of the morning and into the evening, so I will have to save the evening schedule for the next report.
Things are going well and everyone is in good spirits. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.





  1. Another great report! It was nice reading the names to all the jobs. Pretty sure the only “Emily” is our Emilie, she must have been shoveling gravel. Blessings to the team as they finish out their last week on this mission!! Sending ((hugs) to Emilie, love and miss her so much!! 🙂

  2. We, also, wondered what time the Canadians wakened in the morning! It is so great to hear the reports. Thank you for sharing.

    Praying for you at all times. Tell Sydney we love her, please.


  3. Rosemary Parrott

    “Never a dull moment.” No there is never a dull moment with Chelsea around. 🙂 Now, you did say that the American Team gets up at 6:10. Maybe Chelsea overslept because whe is not American and thought the 6:10 didn’t apply to her. LOL I’m very happy to read your report and get an update on what the team is up to. We will continue to pray for you all. Please give a big hug to Chelsea for us.

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