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Well, today’s Thursday, and that means another report! Much has taken place since our last update as the Lord continues to work His wonders. We began our new Fair circuit on Monday night, and now we’re experiencing life without the Scotland team working alongside us. With only eleven team members to send out to up to three different county fairs in a single night, all of us are being stretched. Because there are fewer of us, all of us – even the leaders – have had to step up their game in order to continue reaching as many people as possible. As could be expected, with our numbers cut down from around thirty-seven to only seventeen, we don’t have the man power to speak one on one with as many people each night. Happily, the Lord’s work does not depend on numbers, and He is continuing to use the Indiana team in miraculous, eternity-changing ways. As of today we have interviewed and shared the gospel with more than 2000 people. Three hundred and seventy two copies of God’s Word with special TTT covers have been placed directly into the hands of people in need. And, the most encouraging of all, we know for certain that at least 145 people have come to know Christ as their personal Savior as a result of the Holy Spirit’s working through us His servants.
Saying goodbye to Scotland on Wednesday was a tearful occasion punctuated by pictures and the exchanging of phone numbers, email addresses and Facebook info. We’re already missing our unexpected companions, and It’s been interesting getting used to being our own team. This is sort of the first time it’s just been the Indiana team. We went from being “Indio” (Indiana and Indonesia) at Boot Camp, to being Indiana and Scotland on the field, and now all of a sudden we’re on our own!  The team members don’t seem to know what to do with themselves or all the extra room on base.
Pray for us as often as you think of us as we continue in the Lord’s work. Though we have reached many, there are many more who are as of yet unreached. Pray that we will continue on faithfully, in humility and with love for those we’re speaking to. We thank the Lord daily for our amazing teens and for all of you who are interceding on our  behalf.
Logan Wolbert – This is my first year at Teen Missions and I’m having fun. I have learned a lot of things from this experience in Indiana with my team. Going to these fairs has made me bolder and more outgoing. God has made my life easier by guiding me through difficult times and situations. I have been praying about how my life’s going to go when I’m back at home and how this experience has effected me. I hope that when I go home I’ll be strong enough spiritually to share the Gospel and the Word of God with those of my friends who are lost. People at the fairs really need help getting to know Christ and what He’s about. I am thankful to be here serving the Lord and spreading His Word to everyone we come into contact with.




  1. Wow! that is so amazing! That is so cool to see that when we are willing to serve, God uses us in ways we could never imagine. It is such a blessing to hear such amazing things being done for God’s kingdom. So cool. Praying for you Vera! Keep up the good work! God bless you all!

  2. Thank you for another exciting update. We appreciate
    the information so much. Thank you for being so gracious
    to the Scotland team. We will continue to pray for all your
    journeys this summer. God bless you.

  3. Enjoy these last few weeks, you all will be back at debrief and home before you know it. Everyone should feel proud of all the effort that was put forth. Logan, we have missed you so much and can’t wait to celebrate your return. Everyone is so proud of you and everything you have accomplished!!!

  4. The Milz/Hyun Family

    We are praying for the Indiana Team. You are all doing wonderful work for our Lord in serving the people in Indiana. When we heard that you had to leave Scotland are hearts were heavy at first but then we realized that God had a greater plan for you. God will use us wherever we are and no doubt He is using you all there. May God bless the work of your hearts and hands!

    Jamie, we lift you up especially. We have received updates from your mother and Ben. Continue to grow in Him. We’ll see you in a few weeks. Go with God!
    In His love, Mr. & Mrs. Milz, Daniel & Nora

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