Blessings Of The Arizona Team

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First of all, the good news:  A couple of nights ago, several team members re-dedicated their lives to Christ and one girl chose to accept Christ as her Savior!
There was a minor flash flood here yesterday.  We kept the kids indoors from the time it started raining (11:00 AM) throughout the day as a precaution, while Jeff (missionary) and I evaluated the damage. Today most of our work was more like disaster relief.  We are very blessed to have Emory here because he can operate the backhoe (which is in really sad shape).  He moved mulch for us to spread, and plugged the breach that caused much of the water to flow trough the camp.  He also leveled the roads. Tomorrow, our last full day, will be more of the same. The painting project is almost done. Samuel told me that he has about an hour’s worth of work to finish it.  We will also work on packing and getting ready to leave.
We were visited today by the Mastor family, who stayed with us for dinner. They brought us a delicious peach cobbler made with prickly pear juice. Yummy!
On Sunday, after church, we plan to go to the Walnut Canjon, where the Sinagua indians lived in cliff dwellings hundreds of years ago. We are working on another fun activity for later in the day.
(omitted from last report) The missionary has graciously offered us to stay in cabins that were not being used. All the boys are out of the tents and in a cabin. We took down three tents, and the last two will go down tomorrow. We would have taken all of them down today, but guess what… It rained! Then Jeff invited us all to move in the lodge building as soon as the camp is done. We will all be moving in the lodge sometime tomorrow. This certainly is a luxury we did not expect. Praise God!”
We are currently sleeping in dorms. Yeah!  We also have access to the kitchen and dining hall. What a luxury!
Emma Woodside – God can work in mysterious ways.  Lately I have gone to Teen Missions. We went to Arizona to El Nathan Ministries and right behind it is a mountain and we climbed it and when we got to the top and saw His creation, it was wonderful and incredible and I saw His glory and majesty and I am looking to Him more and trusting Him more with my life with everything.
 Isabella Edwards – While we were here the last couple of weeks, we’ve done some fun things and some not so fun things. God has worked on my faith ever since I’ve been here. Last night I was singing worship songs when my leader was saying, “Remember when you were a baby, you could lift your arms and your parents would pick you up and comfort you”.  She explained that we can do that with God. That really touched my heart and I re-committed my life to Christ. Also yesterday we went to the Grand Canyon. It was so amazing to see God’s great creation. I really enjoyed shopping for my family. The past few days have been really hard work days. We leveled out ground then laid out wood chips. On one of the Sundays we went to the Navajo reservation. That was really cool. I plan on coming back next year. God has really worked with me the entire summer.





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