Another Week In Madagascar

Greetings Parents, Friends, and Family!

Another week in the beautiful, breezy Mahajanga has come to a wonderful close. The team, although tired, continues to go out with happy hearts and come back blessed each day.

Friday, the team went out to a prison to minister to the men there. We’re not sure what type of prison this was, but it seemed like more of a rehabilitation community, especially because some prisoners had their families there with them. The men were eager to listen to Cache Anderson’s testimony and almost every one raised their hand to receive Christ. It’s been a great encouragement for the team to see so many people open their hearts to the Lord through their witness.

After the Sunday School, the team headed back to the base to enjoy some fellowship with the BMW‘s and the Nirina School teachers. The team had the opportunity to eat goat, most of them for the first time, and it was definitely a treat. Throughout the meal, the team, as well as the students and teachers took turns performing worship songs and playing games with each other. It was neat to see how despite the language barriers of English, French, and Malagasy, we all understood the language of smiles, laughter, and a love for the Lord.

Saturday, the team had a long day. They woke up at 5am to be at their first School by 8am. They had a second Sunday School at 2pm and when they returned, they still had some classes to do such as Library Reading and catching up on Bible Marking. Although everyone seems to be doing great on the bikes and we are having less and less spills, there was a small incident yesterday. We praise the Lord for how He keeps our team safe through the rough conditions.

Sunday finished up our second week on the Circuit and the team is looking forward to their last week doing Sunday Schools. Unfortunately we won’t have our translator Liva with us because he will be involved with the Madagascar Boot Camp. Thankfully the team will still have the chance to minister to the children through songs, puppets, games, and the lesson that the circuit riders share. Speaking of Boot Camp, we will most likely have our team members helping out with the OC (since they were so good at it during bootcamp) and even helping to teach evangelism classes like music, puppets and drama.

Week One: Ministered to 570 people, 205 Decisions for Christ
Week Two: Ministered to 400 people, 130 Decisions for Christ

Total ministered to: 970
Total decisions for Christ: 335

As far as our days off from the Circuit (Monday and Tuesday), we hope to go out for lunch with the team at the same Pizza restaurant we went to last week, and perhaps go hunting for more souvenirs in the open-air markets. The team may also have the chance to work alongside some of the BMWs and see what their daily life is like here at the base.

That’s all for now,
Keep us in your prayers,
Peace and Blessings,

Team Madagascar.

PS- Thank you for sending your children with us, they are so much fun!

A few words from the team:

Caleb Owens-One experience that changed my life this summer was this morning when a little girl came up and grabbed my hand and started dancing with me. The girl’s face was so happy and it just really touched me.

Cache Anderson-“Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord” That is what I have been learning in new ways this summer. I have been praying for confirmation about my future, and God has been teaching me that I will receive answers on His timing, not mine.

Hannah Williams-My experience so far has been amazing! I’ve felt God sooo much. Mainly in worship. I don’t know what the people are saying, but I understand the way the worship is just so beautiful. Coming home this summer, I will definitely be more real about my worship with God. Praise the Lord.

Elizabeth Toney-Having to ride double on the bikes and have complete faith in someone else for my safety has really taught me how to trust others and rely on God.

Adam Vaden-When I get home, I plan to do devotions every day. I am going to feel so thankful for everything I have. I will gladly load the dishes instead of unloading them all the time! I miss you guys!

Deven Deck-Ever since I left home, I have truely become closer to God. I learned how to walk in the light and show others how to walk in the light too.

Heidi Gerstenkorn-This summer has been going great! Waking up and seeing God’s beautiful creation is awesome! Riding our bikes to each Sunday School gets a bit exhausting because it’s tough, but definitely worth it! Showing God’s love to the kids has taught me so much! I am blessed to be here!

Hunter Hebenstreit-Madagascar 7:25-3This trip has been drawing me so close to God. It’s amazing how your relationship with Him grows when you work for it. Serving Him has so many benefits in your life and the lives of those around you.


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  1. Reading about all these great experiences, blesses my heart more than ever.

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