The Malawi Team Doesn’t Want Their Time To End

Malawi SBC 7:19

Dear Parent’s, Family and Friends of the Malawi Team,

I can’t believe we are starting our last week in Malawi! The days are going by fast and the team is realizing their time in Malawi is coming to a close. They hate it when I tell them we only have five days left in Malawi. I am glad they have enjoyed Malawi and the people of this country.

On Friday, half the team went in the truck to a small village to teach Sunday school. It was a wonderful afternoon playing games, teaching the Bible lesson and singing. Towards the end of the day, all of the kids in the Sunday school started to shout! I turned around to see what they were all pointing at. A member of the Nyau was coming up the road dressed in their costume. Nyau is a cult in Malawi that will dress up in costumes. They dance in grave yards at night and tend to be the village bullies. Many youth in Malawi end up joining the group because it is the “cool thing”. Teen Missions has seen many young men come out of the Nyau and come to know Christ. While we were having Sunday school on Friday, they walked by and some of the kids ran after them to follow them. It was hard for the team to see the children decide to go with them rather than stay with us in Sunday school. I told them this is something they can be praying for; that the youth in Malawi would no longer get involved with the Nyau.

On Sunday the team got to sing for Teen Missions in Malawi Bible School graduation! They sang Amazing Grace and then helped serve the guest that came. We had a wonderful lunch! In the last couple of reports I have asked for prayer for those of us having colds. I am happy to say that we all seem to be on the mend!!!! Praise the Lord! I am so thankful that they are all starting to feel better.

We only have today (Monday) and Tuesday left for working. Wednesday we are going to Senga Bay were the team will be able to do their shopping for wood carvings. Then Thursday morning we will be leaving early in the morning for Liwonde National Park where the team is going to experience an African safari they will never forget. My next report will not be coming till Friday afternoon when we get back from the safari. Then Saturday it is packing, cleaning up the base and up early Sunday morning to leave for the airport.



  1. It is such a blessing to hear about how you are serving God in Malawi. We continue to pray for God’s hand upon each of you. Love you and miss you lots Anna!

  2. Your headline caught my attention. When one of your team member’s mother, my daughter, went to Malawi she had the idea with another girl team member that they should run away so they could stay in Malawi. They loved it that much.

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