The Russia Team Continues To Minister

Russia 7:17-4

The team has been hard at work practicing new dramas from the Russian team and has been having multiple opportunities to evangelize by handing out tracks on the street, while waiting at the bus station, and in local parks; as well as performing dramas alongside the Russian team members. The team also had the opportunity to host some of the kids from the kindergarten and from the neighborhood at the TMI base here. They played games, sang songs, and shared some of their personal testimonies with them. As a result, many responded to the gospel message and came forward to accept Christ. When they were in the neighborhood inviting the children to come to the base for games, they also helped a local family with three children move a pile of bricks. It was the children’s chore for that day to move half of the pile of bricks and the team helped them move the whole pile. All three of the children came to the base and all three of them also came forward to accept Christ when the invitation was given.The weather continues to be mostly nice with some rain; had a hard rain Saturday night (7-27).

We plan to finish the platform for the Preteen rallies, to continue practicing the Russian dramas, and to continue to go out and minister to the community by passing out tracks, playing soccer with the local children, and performing dramas.

Karson Leonard – Russia has been an awesome experience! The first week and a half we were here we helped with the Russian TMI Boot Camp. After they commissioned and left, we began leaving the base to evangelize. We’ve been able to sing and do drama in the surrounding towns. We also got to play games with Russian children in the community. The second day they came, we saw many professions of faith in the younger kids. As we continue evangelizing, please pray for our team that we will display the love of God in everything we do.

Sarah Rex says – So far in Russia, we have been building a platform, having English class (teaching the Russian kids how to speak English) and many more things. We have been playing soccer and doing a drama after the game. We usually lose the soccer games, but hey, that’s okay! We are still having a ton of fun. We had a couple kids from the neighborhood over to our base. I believe 18 kids went up to accept Christ in their life. Twelve, I think, went to church. Pray that the Lord keeps working in kids lives. We have had one sightseeing day so far. It was a ton of fun. We went to Ekaterinburg. and we got to shop. But the best part was being in Asia and Europe at the same time! All in all we are having a great trip. Please keep us in prayers—that we keep ministering in the lives of the people here in Russia and for our safety. To my family, I love and miss you all! See you soon! Hope all of you are doing well.



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  1. So glad to hear that you are all doing well and the Lord’s work. Miss you Sarah! Having a countdown and can’t wait to see you!! Miss you and love you so much!! Proud of you!

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