The Uganda Team Is Making The Most Of Their Time Left

The Uganda Team is still working hard on a trench coming from the corner of the main building past the unfinished bathrooms attached to the back of the building and to the septic tank. The Uganda BMW students are finishing up the last of the plaster in the septic tank. Rachel Lind spent the morning cleaning up around the base. Peter Demos and Kristal Kendal were on KP. Rachel Lind and Caleb Ling were cutting forms for the top of the septic tank. 12:30 comes around and everyone heads into the compound for a lunch of taco salad made with a cabbage mixture, taco meat, refried beans, guacamole, cheese sauce and Kool aide for a drink. Noah Warren, Peter Demos, Rachel Lind, Rachel Signore, Jono Crifield, David, Harmony Shropshire, Daniel Buell, Dan Zettelmyer went and Emily went back for seconds.
This brings us to 1:00 and time for library reading for 30 minutes. Our library consists of missionary biographies. The stories journey from the plains, woodlands and mountains of Africa to the jungles of South America to the land of Asia and to the Muslim nations in the Middle East.
Afternoon work starts at 1:30 with Holly, Ashley and Dan Zetttelmyer working on the playhouse. We are hoping to replace some of the rotted posts on it so the children will have a swing and a slide. Courtney Peterson, Jona and Sidney Martin were in the tool room or “store” as it is called around here. Everyone else is out working on the trench, getting forms together, steel tying or getting ready to mix concrete. By 4:30, the top of the septic tank is ready to pour. The best way to transport the concrete to the septic tank from the mixing pile is to form an assembly line and pass mortar pans full of concrete from one person to another. We moved right along and had the 13′ 6″ X 7′ 6” slab poured by 5:30. Clean-up took another 20 minutes and dinner was served at 6:10. Normally dinner is at 5:30, but since the concert took a bit longer, it was just pushed back. We had a bit of time to clean up before Bible marking at 7:00.
They are now inside doing their Bible marking. We have various topics such as love, judgment, the Deity of Christ, etc. We go through our Bibles and write in chains, linking about 20 verses that are about these subject. We always pause and talk about each verse and how it applies to our lives. As I write this report leaders, Amy Duell and Lilly Halstrom are teaching Bible marking.
Tomorrow we plan to work in the morning—level out the ground, form and pour the lid to the septic tank, lay the sewer pipe to the bathroom and do some landscaping. Then in the afternoon, we hope to head into town to have a couple hours of shopping. We plan to travel on Thursday, so the next report will be sent on Friday.
Friday will be our last report form Uganda since we are flying out of Entebbe on Sunday afternoon.
I did neglect to mention that we will be doing our sightseeing on Saturday in Jinga. The details on that are still being worked out. So we will we will let you know about that later.






  1. This is in reply to Marcia and Frank, I am a mom of former team members, this is my fourth mission trip with TIM. I have learned that these updates basicly let you know that your child is safe and well. I had a problem with it at first too, I wanted to know SO much more than what they were telling me. I have gotten to the place where if I know that my child is safe and well, that’s all I need to know. I promise you, if you keep sending your children on these trips, it will get better.

  2. Wonderful reading the update. Will search for previous updates. Wonderful necessary work as well as your
    interaction with the children. Save home.

  3. Love all these updates! ! ! Whoever is writing them is doing a good job! Thank you so much.

  4. How do we see the previous reports? I didnt realize that they have been making reports on the trip.

  5. Anthony & Stacie Huntington

    We are so encouraged by the work everyone is doing and are so excited to hear first hand of the work you all are doing there, not just in helping out but in spreading God’s word and carrying out the Great Commission. Megan (Huntington), we miss you and really look forward to seeing you soon. We are praying for you all and for safe travels back to Florida and eventually home for everyone there.

    Tony & Stacie Huntington

  6. Mike and Jan Zettlemoyer

    Thanks for the updates. I’m glad to hear that the project is going well. We’ll be praying for safety all of you as you travel. Daniel, we can’t wait to see you!

  7. Thank you for the update! Glad to know of when they’re leaving, I was a couple days off in telling people. What do I know! haha. Blessings to the team as they finish this work and saying their good-byes to their Ugandan family that they’ve made during their stay. Continued prayers for their travels, God is good!! <3 you Emilie!! 😉

  8. You mentioned in the last report that the orphans were at the base on Saturday. I would love to hear of the interaction of the team with the children. It would also be terrific to read about Sunday worship time with the local people. Reading the reports, a person tends to wonder if the team interacts with the Ugandans at any level.

    Thank you for updating us. We look forward to reading more.

    Marcia Martin

    • Frank Signoretti

      I agree. I am very impressed with the physical work these teens have accomplished but would like to know how much sit down time they were able to spend with the people of that villiage and what were their interactions like?

      • Frank, Unfortunately, the teams/leaders do not read these posts. They try very hard to write what the parents want to hear…

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