The Dominican Republic Team Is Sad To Leave (With Pictures!)

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Our team is very sad to be leaving the D.R. on Wednesday, but we are happy that we have touched a lot of people´s hearts by the work we have done here. Each and everyone of the kids worked so hard and they all accomplished a lot of things that needed to be accomplished before our group left. It was a joy witnessing to all the children who came to the children´s camp for three days and it was also very exciting to interact with the other kids. We are happy that we have showed a lot of people what it means to serve the Lord. The weather is really nice down here and we thank the Lord it has only rained and not anything else. As we are all getting ready to come back to Florida, we all hope that the camp will keep on touching other people´s lives.  It was a great time that we all had here including all the fun times we have had as a team. We all know that when we all go home, we will have so many memories of all the things we accomplished and did here in the Dominican Republic. There has been days when it is very hard for all of us, but last night Kyle Callister reminded all of us how important it is to keep on working for the Lord and to use your gifts to glorify Him. Speaking of gifts, Luisa Flores is doing a great job translating things for when we do team presentations. After we finished painting the kids play ground, we started painting lines on the sidewalks around the playground. There were tires around the tress that we painted so that was a really fun thing for all the kids to do. Some of the kids are really struggling with memory verses but they are all getting through them as best as they can. As I said before, this was a big culture change for all of the kids the only thing that is the same as Florida is the weather here because it is very sunny and hot. It is a joy to get to go to different churches and see how they worship God and it was amazing. The people here are always welcoming the kids and leaders with opened arms and they are even asking Teen Missions to do another trip to D.R. so that will be very exciting to see how that will go. We all are happy for everyone has prayed for us and that all of you care enough to read these emails. We all are very proud to be called the 2013 Dominican Republic Preteen team. Thank you to all the parents who are willing to let their kids come on a summer team so that they can show God’s glory.
Alana Wiggins – This year I have an awesome team, great leaders and I feel like I have a second family. The trip is going great and this place is really beautiful.
Chandler Pugh – When we first started, there were no sidewalks by the swimming pool and it was so fun to build that sidewalk and paint it. It is amazing here and I am having lots of fun. I plan on coming on another Teen Missions team and maybe that will be next year. We have gone to the beach and I loved that. We have seen so many children get saved. We also saw where Christopher Columbus first landed.
Ian Greene – This trip has been a true blessing in my life and I´m pretty sure about other people´s lives. Sure the work may be hard, sure it may not be fun sometimes, but it definitely has been a God-filling experience for me. I have seen Jesus Christ through people on this trip. I got an S.B. today, but look at Proverbs 17:22. it is a great verse.
Lane Carson – Today we finished painting the sidewalks. We have seen 26 children at the orphanage become Christians and I am also learning how to speak Spanish. I love it here and I am having lots of fun worshipping the Lord. I love you mom.


  1. Cassie Shipman

    Up to this day I still thing fondly about my trip to Dominican Republic and hope all my team mates the very best: Thanks a lot you guys I hope you guys all have a great summer!

  2. Sarah Joy Albrecht

    Thank you for this update and pictures! I imagine some of you kids are getting a little homesick at this point. Please know that we are praying that the Lord will comfort you while you’re away (remember – He is everywhere!), and for your safe travels home.. August 5th is just around the corner! Thank you for your hard work (and fun work!) serving the Lord in the DR. We are extremely proud of you. You are loved!!! — Tabitha’s mom 🙂

  3. Thank you so muck leaders of the D.R. Preteem Team! Your hard work and commitment to the children has been overwhelminly present in the updates you have given us! We thank God for all you have done for the children and for the people of the D.R. over this summer! We feel truly blessed to have TMI and all of its staff watching over and teaching our children and trusting in God for their protection while they are in your hands. THANK YOU!!!!

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