The Indiana Team In Three States

Indiana 7:29-1 Indiana 7:29-2 Indiana 7:29-3 Indiana 7:29-4As was expected, our weekend was busier than our week! On Friday we once again wrapped up our fair circuit in Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana, and were blessed by the arrival of several families visiting our team members.
This past week we conducted hundreds surveys – resulting in hundreds of opportunities to share the gospel with lost and hurting people – and were able to pass out dozens of Bibles. Since the summer began, God has touched the lives of 2283 people and caused 154 of them to turn their lives over to Christ as their Lord and Savior. What a life-changing experience it’s been to have front row seats to God’s plan, and to be able to see with our own eyes as God expands His Kingdom.
On Saturday we had some free time, and the team had the opportunity to walk to the IGN and were able to get some much-desired supplies – namely baby wipes. We also finally had the chance to get in a decent amount of drama and song practice, as well as some lively quiz practice. That night, at exactly 7:27, we participated in TTT’s weekly Saturday rally. It was a blast!
On Sunday we spent about five hours driving to and from place to place. We performed at a beautiful church in Illinois, sharing the gospel with drama and in song.  From there we got in some sightseeing and were able to visit the George Rogert Clark Memorial on the Wabash river in Vincennes, Indiana. After that, we spent time with a local Indiana youth group near Olney, Illinois, and got to share with them everything we’ve been doing and learning over the summer.
We are now finished being split into three groups. Starting today, we’ll be going to two different fairs instead of three each night.  Both fairs are in Illinois this week. It’ll be a blessing to be able to take more than a few people to each location. Please continue to pray for us as we continue our service to the Lord. We’ve entered into our last two weeks on the field, but that doesn’t mean things are winding down. The enemy is still going to attempt to hamper our efforts, and we can still lose ground, even this late in the game. We praise our Father for everything He’s done in and through us, and for all the new faces we’ll be seeing someday in heaven as a result of our witness and the powerful work of the Holy Spirit.
Hi everybody! Things are going good at TTT. The team did a presentation at a church yesterday, and in the evening we were with one of the local youth groups. We did three of our dramas and sang some songs. We are going to be going to fairs again this week, so please pray for us that we could be bold and bring people to Christ. Having my parents come was really awesome and I love you all!  – Luke Hochstetler
Hey peoples! This summer is going fantastic. God has been doing amazing things through me and with me. He has used me to lead people to Him. He has also opened my heart so that I may learn how to accept my team mates. Also, He has taught me how to be part of a family. I understand now that I am not the only weird one. Everybody is different and I am learning to accept it and not to push myself away. God is great! Thanks for your prayers.  – Mickie Kranch





  1. Thanks for the update! I love the pictures too! Our God is so good and reading how these kids are growing in Christ and leading people to Him is just amazing! Cannot wait to see my sister, Mickie, in a few weeks and hear all about what the Lord has done through her, her teammates, and the people they interacted with! Praying as always!

  2. Love the update and pictures. Praying your trip goes well and you all stay strong. Thank you again

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