The Peru Team Continues Their Adventures (With Pictures!)

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Hello from Pucallpa! After a wonderful, relaxing weekend, the team is back to work on the pastor´s house. Today they are finishing up the brick walls and beginning to build the forms for the pillars and cap beam. They are doing a great job and are eager to finish what they can before they head home! On Saturday the team took a four-hour bus ride to the Andes Mountains and were able to enjoy the sights at a waterfall called, Velo de la Nova. It was truly a beautiful sight! The team got to swim in the clear, but very chilly water! On the ride to and from the waterfall, we were able to see a lot of the Peru’s countryside. It was a great experience all around. On Sunday the team did a presentation for a church where the Pastor was a former team member of a Peruvian Boot Camp. They held a Sunday School class for the children and had lots of fun playing Duck, Duck, Goose and Red Light, Green Light with the kids. Christian Kobes shared his testimony at group devos on Sunday night and we were encouraged to hear about the many ways that the Lord can work in our lives! Please pray that we will stay unified as team to the very end as well as for safety as we finish up the project.




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