Madagascar Is Beginning Their Last Week

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A big hello to everyone from Madagascar!

This week, on the circuit, we are revisiting the same Sunday Schools we went to the first week. The rides are longer than last week, but this time since school is out, we leave in the morning around 9 AM and beginning class at 11 AM as there is no night time riding. We send along a snack and have a late lunch when they get back to the base around 3 PM. We have only five more Sunday Schools left, with two on Friday. The ministry is going well, with anywhere from 10 to 200 children and adults attending Sunday School.

Monday we got the chance to sleep in a bit before catching up on a few classes and our weekly verse review. We took Liva, Nomena and their kids out for pizza and ice cream for lunch. Afterwards, most of the team chose to go for a ride in the push-push carts (a small cart pulled by one man who will take you anywhere in town) over to the supermarket. Some of the boys also elected to get a haircut for $1.00 while the girls looked around the shops for wrap skirts.

Tuesday afternoon we had the chance to walk on over to a nearby water park that only cost $4.00/day. The have five slides and a restaurant. Those who chose to go had a great afternoon enjoying the park, the other half of the team chose to hang out and relax at the base.

Looking ahead, Boot Camp begins here on Saturday. There will be over 100 youth here from all over Madagascar. We are looking forward to being a part of the evening rallies by sharing songs and dramas.

Thank you for all your prayers.

A few words from the team:

Maddie True – I can’t believe we only have one more week on the circuit. This has been an amazing experience. There are some things I will never forget, the joy on the kids faces and how much we are required to rely on God. While on the bikes, you really have to trust God is there protecting you. The whole experience of this trip has stretched me.

Mindy Potter – In our two weeks on the circuit, God has taught me so much! I have really learned to rely on Him in every situation and turn to Him every day. Being here and serving Him has been a crazy journey. I’m so thankful to serve an awesome God.

Zach Campbell – This summer has been awesome so far. I can’t imagine leaving. Seeing the living conditions and poverty here in Madagascar has been really shaking, but even more so the joy people have despite what little they have. It’s been really convicting and I wouldn’t be surprised if I live my life much simpler when I get home. I may even continue taking bucket showers!

Marianna Potts – Sometimes Teen Missions changes you. It seems like you can’t control it. You’re standing there watching as God molds your life. I believe He has used this trip to build my trust in Him. One the bikes you can’t see what’s going on through all the dust or you are petrified going through the dark. We have so much alone time on the bikes which I spend praying and singing, it has strengthened me as a person and as God’s servant. I love it here but I can’t wait to share more of what I’ve learned with my lovely family! I love you Mom and Dad.

Hayley Sampson – This summer so far has been life changing because you can see God in everything. After the first day of bikes, I was rather worried and flustered because of the crazy trails and dropping the bike. But after that, God showed me He had His hands on me in everything.

Wyatt Castle – This summer has been one of the most eye-opening summers of my life. It has been hard, but that’s what has made it even more of a learning experience. When I get home I can’t wait to see how much of what I feel God moving in me shows on the outside.

Beau Beck – One thing has truly changed me this summer is that I learned that ice in any drink is a delicacy. Also Madagascar is nice.

Bella McKay – One thing that changed my life and way of thinking is when a car almost collided into me. I really learned a lot about what my thinking would be right before I thought I was going to die. My last thoughts were “I love God” so I think that’s a good thing for eternity.


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