The Last Report From South Africa

SA 7:18-3

Hello from beautiful South Africa! The team is beginning to wind down as our time in South Africa is coming to a close; we fly out tomorrow evening. On Friday (7/26) we went to the MSSM location in Soshanguve Section 6. We shared our presentation and also ministered to the children in this location. We really enjoyed sharing with the kids at the location and they loved the puppets. We had one little boy that we were able to get food for as he had not eaten for a couple of days. There were 125 children that showed up to play games and listen to Peter and J Don share the Sunday school lesson. They are very energetic and we admire what these two are able to do with the children. They truly love Uncle Peter.

When we returned from Thabazimbie, we began some painting projects around the base and are now wrapping those up. We have now painted the staff house/boys dorm, the front of the chapel, the entrance to the bathrooms, the tent room and even begin the inside of the chapel. The outsides look a wonderful white, while the inside is a pretty blue color now. On Saturday (7/27) morning, we had the opportunity to go to downtown Pretoria to shop for souvenirs. Everyone enjoyed bartering for colorful beaded souvenirs and wood-carved crafts. It was a new experience for many of our students to have to barter for their souvenirs. Some really enjoyed it while others felt they were taking money away from people in need. Everyone seemed to get just the right thing for their families and have a little left over for snacks afterwards.

Our final Sunday (7/28) in South Africa, we were able to share our presentation at Praise Tabernacle Church service in Soshanguve. The church is one that sends a lot of youth to the South Africa Boot Camp, so they were very excited to have us come and do our presentation. While we did our puppets, many were in their seats mimicking the motions to the songs that they knew. We are spending our final days in South Africa finishing up projects, packing out, and preparing for the journey home. We have all truly enjoyed our time here. Our team has grown very close to one another and more importantly, grown in their walk with Christ. We have been able to sufficiently bless the people of South Africa and those are memories that will not be easily forgotten. Next time you hear from us we will be in the United States.

During our evening Bible study tonight we ended up with five rededications from the team. Cindy led them in understanding the difference in head knowledge and heart understanding of Jesus. When she asked how many know about Jesus but don’t have a real relationship we had several hands go up. It was a beautiful moment to close out our time in South Africa.

Alex Ling – I have been loving South Africa. We recently finished foot washing, returned to the base, bought our souvenirs and are now preparing to leave. Seeing the orphans touched my heart and all of our team has made friends among them. I think we are all having mixed emotions about leaving.”

May Wadman – My favorite parts of South Africa have been playing with the kids and foot washing. While we were in Thabazimbie some of my team mates and I saw what appeared to be a star in the sky. It seemed to move across the sky and stop. We later figured out that it was the presence of the Holy Spirit descending on the group. It makes me feel good that God is with us. I am excited to go home but I will miss Africa.


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