Haiti Has Only A Few More Days

Haiti 7:17-2 copy

Our last few days in Haiti have been spent finishing up projects around the orphanage compound. We’ve laid blocks for a final section of the security wall, filled in major potholes in the road, and created a permanent pathway to the bathroom/shower block. Sadly, we have only a few days left here in Haiti. We will continue working through the end of Friday, and then we will spend Saturday cleaning up and packing up our tools and equipment. Sunday, we will worship with the church in the morning and then board the bus that will carry us to the Dominican Republic. We will spend Sunday night at the Santiago Mission house and then head to the airport Monday.

Our team has been incredibly blessed by our time in Haiti. We’ve seen drastic changes to our project site and have been excited to be a part of a growing ministry. Tony, the Haitian pastor, and Bob, the American missionary, we have worked with have a large vision for this property and how God can use it to bless the community in Ouanaminthe. They want to have not only an orphanage here but also a church building and a Bible school. It’s exciting to see the start of something amazing here in Haiti.






  1. We are praying for you everyday. We know it will be hard to leave, but it is exciting to read about all that you have accomplished for the Lord. I’m sure you have blessed the people in Haiti! We are very excited to hear about your safe arrival back at Boot Camp for Debrief.

  2. Brenda and Larry Fast

    Praying all of you home safe and sound.

    Emmanuel–Brenda and Larry Fast

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